Juicy J – August 27th Flow

Stay Trippy in stores August 27th.

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One Response to “Juicy J – August 27th Flow”

  1. Casket Face Says:


    See that’s the thing, I’m retired, but truth is, out there it doesn’t matter. We had a reputation but that reputation was always a calling card for being tested. And after a while once it’s realized that you can’t be taken out straight up people start playing dirty. Then when there’s no rules, there’s no order and without order the streets are chaos. At that point it isn’t about the nucleus of the matter anymore. Money.

    In The Wire, Marlo lost everything and everyone. He got a second chance and almost squandered it on some young punks. That was the show the system got you TRAPPED as a black man and Levy the lawyer knew it.

    Also Marlo and Omar clashed over their “name”, and in the end a crack baby derelict named Kinard peeled Omar’s cap back and the coroner put the toe tag on the wrong body …symbolizing his “name” means nothing in the real world.

    Meanwhile Prop Joe and Stringer were ghosts in both worlds, but also the richest niggas in Baltimore.

    as far as the business in the real world, especially for white folks …YOUR NAME is YOUR NAME. It’s your brand and your reputation is on the line at all times. No matter how well you do, if you mess up someone’s money, it’s wrap…word to Amschel Rothschild.

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