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Audio: Jay-Z Calls Big Boy’s Neighborhood

Jay called Big Boy on Power 106 this morning. He talks about the Legends of The Summer Tour, what current artists he feels keep him on his toes, Kanye’s Kris Humphries line, his hyphen trolling Craigslist, the “Picasso Baby” video, making it work with Bey while they’re both on tour and much more. He also mentions that him and Justin are shooting the “Holy Grail” video today.

“Picasso Baby” debuts tonight on HBO following Real Time with Bill Maher.

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19 Responses to “Audio: Jay-Z Calls Big Boy’s Neighborhood”

  1. captain planet Says:

    was listening to this this morning

    Funny stuff

  2. captain planet Says:

    i AM #teamtamron

    you left for one week and we had your funeral, your wake, 7 up and moved on

    we spent too much on the floral arrangements for you to come back to life b

  3. Sonny Moore Says:

    a nigga who admitted to masking up, accusing a nigga who was a victim of a nigga who was masking up, of masking up

    only at nahright.com

    where you can see a repeat of VH-1′s: The Real Weirdos of Nahright

    here’s a preview, featuring Captain Planet aka Black Hand Entertainment:

    *scroll up & down the page*

  4. captain planet Says:


    you good in my book

    just don’t be claiming nothing affiliated with ms tamron hall

    you false flagging

  5. Troyvul Says:

    brb in a bit to chat more football.

  6. Sonny Moore Says:

    we spent too much on the floral arrangements for you to come back to life b



    i saw them too, and they were lovely nohomo

    but my new name and email address was stuck in moderation while my gay masked step-son Erica ran amuck

  7. captain planet Says:

    where did i ever admit to masking up ?

    general glamour was known

  8. captain planet Says:

    now niggas is victims ?

    i ain’t never heard land talk like that

  9. captain planet Says:

    i got some work to catch up on tho

    yal trying to get nigga fired


  10. herbal kint Says:

    Still windmilling and melting huh ?

    my method is 100%, ts doesn’t even know what writing a script is a wouldn’t believe anything he has to say but he’s an engineer/lawyer/model/shoesalesman/technician/millionaire right ?

    don’t be stupid

  11. 007 Says:

    cp ends up Gettin dissed by every Sn he’s cheered for. Time for a new blog buddy.

    Fuck a fake friend, where ya real friends at???

  12. captain planet Says:


    cp this

    cp that

    keep going (c) cp


  13. 007 Says:

    Exhibit A

    Exhibit b

    ^here lies Abowele Adibisi Olu

  14. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    I’m surprised b isn’t gloating more

    lemme find out….

  15. herbal kint Says:

    When a comment is sent to your weblog, the IP address is included in the packet of information that travels with that comment across the internet. Think of it as a phone number, and the WordPress comment moderation acts like call display to show you where the comment is coming from.


    captain you went to school right ?

    you were commenting as b this is FACT, cypher was too as early as wednesday

    keep melting and windmilling, the truth is still the same

  16. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


  17. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Is this true cp?

  18. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    where my crown?

  19. infared Says:

    lol and the fuckery continues.

    ether friday?

    maybe..stay tuned!

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