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Heavy Rotation with Sean Price

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

Let’s get one thing straight. Sean Price is a grown ass man. So if you’re a teenager, college student, or even a post-grad young professional, don’t expect him to be listening to the same artists that are popular in your age bracket. He most likely doesn’t fuck with them musically.

We caught up with Sean P yesterday after a trip to Toys “R” Us with his three-year-old daughter (“I bought her a bow and arrow”) to find out what exactly he does listen to when he’s not in the studio working on his own timeless material. Heads up, this isn’t a predictable list of underground rap songs, either. Aside from one hip-hop record, his five selections are all by artists who were popular back in the good old days when he was growing up in Brooklyn. Check out our latest edition of Heavy Rotation with Duck Down’s one and only Sean Price below. P!

1. Ka The Night’s Gambit (Album)

Sean Price: “It’s hard for me to pick one song. The whole album is official. I think Ka is fucking dope. I don’t know Ka personally. I’ve met him a few times, and he’s a good brother. But I can tell that he’s a real dude, and he’s been through some real shit. And I know for a fact that when you’re active in the streets, it’s hard to write that shit. But when you fall back and reflect, it makes for great fuckin’ music. And that’s what his shit sounds like to me. You can’t write that shit if you’re still in it. And I respect that.

“We’re in the same demographic. I can relate [to his music]. Hopefully the kids will relate too, but that’s hip-hop for me. For my demographic. And I appreciate the hell out that shit, because I don’t wanna hear this kiddie shit. I appreciate that shit a lot. “Off The Record,” that shit is so fucking ill. And I love his videos. They’re so minimal, but they’re to the point. You have to focus on what he’s saying. I love that.

“I can’t even talk about [a Sean Price and Ka collaboration]. I just know that we spoke. And it was a good talk, kna’ mean?! But whether I’m on a song with Ka or not, I don’t give a fuck. I’m a cheerleader. ‘Give me a K! ‘K!’ Give me an A!’ ‘A!’’ That’s my nigga. Love is love. And he’s from Brownsville. Salute.”

2. Billy Ocean “Nights (Feel Like Gettin’ Down)”

“That’s my shit right there! ‘Oooh, I’m on fiiii-reee!’ That reminds me of when my mom used to have Pitty Pat games. If you’re from the hood, you know what it is. It’s a card game. And my mom would have these weekly Pitty Pat games. They would fry a big bucket of chicken wings, and have Pink Champale, and Golden Champale. Those are old beers. And she would make hardtack biscuits from scratch. And her friends would sit there all night and play Pitty Pat. And that’s one of the [songs they would listen to].

“I would come out, and my grandmother would go, ‘Go on back in your room, now. Ain’t nobody here your age. Put your young ass in the room.’ I was young, man. Single digits. Maybe 10. And that’s one of the joints [I would hear playing]. I love that shit, to this day. I rocks that. I love that shit, B. Word.”

3. Alicia Myers “I Want to Thank You”

“‘I wanna thank you, heavenly Father, for shining your light on meeee…’ Whoooo! She’s thanking God for her man. This is my shit. I remember I was a young nigga, and we had a dance out called The Smurf when this song was out. And I was Smurfin’ with grown ladies in the party [to this song]. Man, my dick was so hard! [Laughs.] I just remember doing The Smurf on this lady’s ass. I was a virgin, kna’ mean? I guess I danced so good, that the grown lady was like, ‘Come on, now!’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ And my dick was so hard. [Laughs.] That shit was funny as hell. She was like, ‘Oh, you ready, huh?!’ You know, she was teasing me a little bit. But it wasn’t nothin’. It was clean, honest fun.”

4. Freddie Scott “(You) Got What I Need”

“I rocks this all the time. The original shit [before the Biz Markie song]. I listen to this when I’m on drugs. Well, I’ll say weed. Weed isn’t a drug, it’s some bullshit that college kids smoke. They smoke, and drink, and have keggers, and drink Jager bombs. Weed ain’t no real fuckin’ drug. [Laughs.] I hate being around a bunch of weed heads. ‘Hey man, let’s have some Jager bombs, and a fuckin’ kegger!’ I actually don’t like to be around a bunch of weed heads. And I smoke weed. Just stay the fuck away from me, though. [I smoke] with my lady, and I have a couple of homeboys that I smoke with. But we smoke and do music history, and play a few records. I don’t [have conversations about weed].

“I’m 41, B. So I listen to the shit I grew up to, and the shit my moms played. Forget the ‘Oh baby you, you got what I need.’ Listen to the shit after that. This beat is just so right, though. I love this song.”

5. Billy Paul “I’m Just A Prisoner”

“I ain’t talkin’ about ‘Mrs. Jones.’ He sang that. This song is so ill. He’s like, ‘I’m away from my family, my daughter don’t even know who I fucking am. This is fucked up. I’m fighting for my manhood.’ He’s keeping it so real. This is prison. He’s singing about it. I’ve been incarcerated before, and I can relate. The song was made in 1971, and it makes sense right now. ‘I’m just a prisoner.’ He don’t really have a date when he’s coming home. He’s just going through it right now.

“This shit is fuckin’ fire. Listen to the breakdown. Stop thinking about ‘Me and Mrs. Jones.’ He got some real shit right here. I seen a VH1 special that called him a ‘one-hit wonder.’ I wanna slap the shit out of anybody who said that. Word. This is a good fuckin’ record. Like I said, I’ve done time. My uncle’s done time. My uncle Ronald put me onto this record, like, ‘Listen to this shit.’ I was like, ‘Damn, Unc!’ It’s been one of my favorites. I play this damn near every day. Good fuckin’ record, yo.

“I sent this to Marco Polo, he chopped it up real nice for me. You might hear this on something next. I’m not a producer. I would call myself a director? I’ll go to the studio with the record, and tell the engineer what to do. So since I technically am not pressing the machines, I wouldn’t disrespect a producer and say I’m a producer. But I would say that I directed the whole shit, so I’m a director. That makes sense.”

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    This nigga saying “unc”?you got it from Sean P??

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    My posting style is very unique,hard to mimic.Cock suckers think “oh let me use some big words and I can be SICK”

    Too many layers to my psyche too many angles.



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    Hall of fame >>> NWTS

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