Money Makin Nique & Key! – Phat N*gga

New shit from Money Makin Nique and Key! of Two9. Nothing fancy here, just straight bars.

Spotted: N@CT

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2 Responses to “Money Makin Nique & Key! – Phat N*gga”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Sara Suten Seti got them Stormfront niggas SHOOK, them niggas got that man on a HIGH ALERT LIST …reported him to the FBI.

    Look at the respect level they have for Jay-Z compared to Sara Suten Seti …

  2. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Any time I need an ego boost I go to Stormfront
    The level of fear over there soothes me
    They got posts like”Why are Japanese Women having sex with Black Men?”
    And they blame the Jews for it
    They blame Kikes for everything over there
    Pure comedy

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