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Dominic Lord – Futuristic Average Kids

Produced by Matt Friedman.

Previously: Dominic Lord – Overworld

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3 Responses to “Dominic Lord – Futuristic Average Kids”

  1. Fyodor Drostoyevsky Says:

    Let me fix this title:

    Fuckboy wale’s kids.

  2. Dr. $ Says:

    I remember when i used to give drug tests and I was probably on more drugs than the people taking the tests. I felt like a traitor when I used to tell people they couldn’t get a job cuz they popped hot for THC.

    I didn’t feel bad when i told niggas they had a drug test in like a week and them niggas still popped hot. Like nigga, I gave you a week warning. You knew the precautions to take.

    The excuses people used to make up though >>>>>

    “I don’t smoke weed. My girl smoke weed. I fucked her yesterday. I think it rubbed off on me”

  3. councilman Says:

    this sounds like cudi 7 blunts, 3 lines, & 2 oxycottons deep in his MOTM2 album right before emile told em he sounds to drowzy & emotionless to record.

    -the coucncilman
    (placing stop signs on corners after blind children get hit)

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