Video: Juicy J – Everyday Life (Ep. 2)

Stay Trippy drops August 27th.

Previously: Juicy J – Stay Trippy (Artwork + Tracklist)

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62 Responses to “Video: Juicy J – Everyday Life (Ep. 2)”

  1. Mag Says:

    I mean billy bathgate

  2. b Says:

    Trillary why you wasting your neighbors WiFi drafting posts for a blog that only you read?

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    My bad i forgot yall

    CP said he only listen to rappers he finds attractive

  4. captain planet Says:

    straight to dvd (c) infared

  5. b Says:

    Trillary,how do you decide when its new post time on your blog?

    I’m guessing when you get tired of reading the last.

  6. captain planet Says:

    who him ?

    the nigga infared bodied ?

    nah, iont spar with off brand niggas

  7. captain planet Says:

    he was yelling my name when i wasn’t here ?

    well, what you expect an offbrand nigga to do ?

    if he wasn’t talking about me why would you read his type ?

  8. captain planet Says:

    he gotta wake up every morning

    he lies to them

    but he knows he wants to be me

    how fucked up is that ?

    what the fuck you call that ?

    infared come give this nigga his diagnosis

  9. captain planet Says:

    he like one of them smash gator games

    once you start hitting he start dipping

    he gone show up 2 o’clock east coast time when no one is here like he just woke up

    what a dummy

    unfollow me nigga

  10. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    You niggas funny
    You know freej linked his records on my soundcloud page
    How he did that?

  11. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Somebody is slowly losing his reputation
    I’m not gonna say your name
    Fix the situation

  12. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Now freej shit is MY newest shit

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