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Video: Juicy J – Everyday Life (Ep. 2)

Stay Trippy drops August 27th.

Previously: Juicy J – Stay Trippy (Artwork + Tracklist)

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62 Responses to “Video: Juicy J – Everyday Life (Ep. 2)”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Casket. When they went to get Fred they didn’t even give him a chance to surrender. Po started buckin’ right into his bedroom. This mole that had infiltrated the organization told them right where he at


    I see, I read that …shit is crazy, these niggas had immunity from the government to blow rivals away. Just to keep blacks and whites from working together.

    What I didnt know was how many white groups there were, these white niggas was dying on some g’d up shit for the Panthers. Taking shells for the cause.

    Hoover actually didnt want this type of unity to exist, that’s crazy, like really insane.

    And no where in history is there an apology for this shit.…

    shit like that roach you stomp on and leave in the middle of the floor as and example to other roaches who dare to climb in your cabinets.

  2. Free J Says:

    i was restricted in the shit i could say musically while i was in the air force…watch when my cd drops next year.

  3. Free J Says:

    juicy j and drake cds the only 2 im waiting for…schoolboy q as well if he drops this year.

  4. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Most anticipated album of the summer

  5. Free J Says:

    Most anticipated album of the summer


    summer will be over by time that shit drops.

  6. captain planet Says:

    it’s nice to see bsk excited for an album that actually exists lol

  7. captain planet Says:

    wow dg might really be from cali

    that le$ is banging

    put a couple of the homies on to it

  8. captain planet Says:

    imaaaa taaaaakkkeed myyy timmmeee tooonniiiighhhhttt …

  9. captain planet Says:

    in the regular version it kinda starts to blend together at the end

    but i don’t mind because i suppose that’s how lean binges wind down

    bumping the chopped not slopped currently

    og ron c = national treasure

  10. Free J Says:

    eminem show>>>>>

    last good cd he dropped. with proof’s death and all that other shit dude never been the same.

  11. captain planet Says:

    did hov just call heartbreak drake the ” kobe bryant of the game ” ???


    album on the year on the way



  12. captain planet Says:


    j. cole signed to hov

    and hov rather talk about drizzy

    cole gonna grow up the neglected child

    that shit gotta hurt !

  13. captain planet Says:

    Could many Mannie Fresh now be part of the upcoming Big Tymers project? Maybe so. During RapFix Live today, Baby reveals (3:35 mark) that he plans to hit the studio with Mannie in a week or two.

    “I’ve been talking to Fresh a lot. We talk every other day, we been talking about doing music; so matter of fact we gonna get in. Me and Fresh ain’t got no problem, we never had no problem. It’s been a minute and we plan on working again.


    do the right thing stunna

  14. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    The juicy j album coming out after the summer?
    They killing this niggas buzz fo real
    I’m still amped to hear it
    No dj Paul feature doe

  15. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    Every Fresh/Baby convo ever…

    Fresh:Can I have my money?

    Baby: No.


  16. captain planet Says:

    lol it’s true

    but at least he can do this album for promotional purposes

    nothing much more visible than cash money right now

    Nannie can remind niggas how nice he is

  17. captain planet Says:

    this nigga drake sings half the time

    and hov just called him kobe bryant

    a lotta hip-hop purists just did the 360smh

  18. Free J Says:

    only people that the rest of the world talks about in music…drake, kendrick lamar, asap rocky, wale and some minor players here and there….

  19. Free J Says:

    oh yea J Cole as well…

    and CP i remember havin a debate with u comparing keef to cole and saying who had a bigger buzz…i think i won that lol

  20. captain planet Says:

    only coles core fans are excited about him

    even his boss rather talk about something else

  21. captain planet Says:

    have you seen the interview free ?

    hov had one line about cole

    then IMMEDIATELY switched to talking about drake lol

    elliot wilson didnt even bring him up first

    jay’s a stan. period.

  22. Free J Says:

    lol i think cole need to do his own thing. he need to rap over other peoples beats though….his aint always up to par.

    drake = jay z

    kendrick = nas

    j cole = still trying to figure out who he is

  23. Free J Says:

    and na i aint watch the interview…i been meaning to but i watch so many interviews its like fuck sometimes it seems like work keepig up with music and all the ins and outs

  24. captain planet Says:

    j cole = canibus

    canibus brought you into the game

    and now you matured with j cole free

    full circle

  25. Free J Says:

    lol damn give coel a little more credit then THAT. shit.

    i like j cole music but i feel like there is someone who can do his lane better sometimes when he makes songs.

  26. Free J Says:

    j cole is kinda like kanye…jus the store brand version.

  27. captain planet Says:


    there is no store brand kanye

    designer only

    strictly new slaves

  28. Free J Says:

    anyways im out, peace. click the name to hear Certified Crackhead. CDQ.

  29. Free J Says:

    i was jus sayin off the strength of makin beats and rapping.

    kendrick lamar obviously aint equal to nas…and same with the drak eand jay comparison. they jus have some similar qualities.

  30. b Says:

    Nobody wants to hear your music

  31. b Says:

    Your a cornball

  32. b Says:

    Yung reptilian

  33. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Gangster squad is kinda dope

  34. b Says:

    Lol yung seen too many gangsta flicks

  35. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    CP i see you back wavin them pom poms keep it up cup cake.

  36. b Says:

    Yung goodfellas

  37. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Keep them waves spinnin Chicago

  38. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Young failaholic

  39. b Says:

    Ya blog on its last legs

    Delete that


  40. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    You be hearin ya aunt fuck niggas while you & ya cousin sleep on the couch?

  41. b Says:

    Yung leave a reply. please

  42. b Says:


  43. b Says:

    I will see a comet before a comment on your blog

  44. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    Young subway brush peddler

  45. Dr. $ Says:

    j.cole = missy

  46. Mag Says:

    If you like gangster squad look up Bugsy with Dustin hoffman

  47. b Says:

    Yo who u blogging too tho?

    Yung Casper the friendly ghostblogger

  48. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    You on the 5 train sellin brushes keep it a hunnit milll wit trill

  49. captain planet Says:

    gangsta gibbs <<<

    he makes music for ugly niggas

  50. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Its 2013

    You 33

    You share a tooth brush wit ya cousin

    He 31

    He live wit you

    You live wit ya aunt

  51. Mag Says:

    I mean billy bathgate

  52. b Says:

    Trillary why you wasting your neighbors WiFi drafting posts for a blog that only you read?

  53. F YOU PAY ME! Says:


    My bad i forgot yall

    CP said he only listen to rappers he finds attractive

  54. captain planet Says:

    straight to dvd (c) infared

  55. b Says:

    Trillary,how do you decide when its new post time on your blog?

    I’m guessing when you get tired of reading the last.

  56. captain planet Says:

    who him ?

    the nigga infared bodied ?

    nah, iont spar with off brand niggas

  57. captain planet Says:

    he was yelling my name when i wasn’t here ?

    well, what you expect an offbrand nigga to do ?

    if he wasn’t talking about me why would you read his type ?

  58. captain planet Says:

    he gotta wake up every morning

    he lies to them

    but he knows he wants to be me

    how fucked up is that ?

    what the fuck you call that ?

    infared come give this nigga his diagnosis

  59. captain planet Says:

    he like one of them smash gator games

    once you start hitting he start dipping

    he gone show up 2 o’clock east coast time when no one is here like he just woke up

    what a dummy

    unfollow me nigga

  60. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    You niggas funny
    You know freej linked his records on my soundcloud page
    How he did that?

  61. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Somebody is slowly losing his reputation
    I’m not gonna say your name
    Fix the situation

  62. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Now freej shit is MY newest shit

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