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Video: Killa Kyleon, ESG, DeLorean & Mookie Jones at Rap Life Houston

Pretty much everybody in Texas that raps seems to have come through Boiler Room’s recent Rap Life Houston event, from rising talents DeLorean and Mookie Jones, to veterans like Screwed Up Click’s ESG. Here are a couple of clips, but you should head over to Passion of The Weiss for much more, including commentary from Mobb Deen and Shea Serrano.

Previously: DeLorean – Grace (Mixtape)| Mookie Jones – I AM H.I.M. (He Is Me) | Killa Kyleon – My Nigga (Video)

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21 Responses to “Video: Killa Kyleon, ESG, DeLorean & Mookie Jones at Rap Life Houston”

  1. ayo Says:

    Wax on

    Wax off

  2. b Says:


  3. b Says:


  4. Dr. $ Says:

    When you see that weight start catching up to ole girl and every week she keeps saying “ima start working out” <<<<<<<<

  5. Dr. $ Says:


  6. French Kevin Says:

    No boycott, I give girls cock.
    Biscayne is my first stop.
    Six dames in my white jeep.
    Got them hoes by the bird stock.

  7. b Says:

    Free J barber makes him sign a waiver before he gets a haircut.

  8. b Says:


  9. b Says:

    Free J barber hands him binoculars and a mirror immediately after after shaping him up.

  10. Free J Says:

    1 min ago
    Free J barber makes him sign a waiver before he gets a haircut.


    *airplane crash noises*

    Try again noodle mouth…ur attempts are futile peasant.

  11. The Architek Says:

    ___ < his hairline
    (・_・;) < free j

  12. The Architek Says:

    aww… shit fucked my comment up lol

  13. Free J Says:

    Ur jokes are becoming more desperate… Jus accept it. The whole c section laughed at u and now u want to exact vengeance upon ur superior.

  14. b Says:

    Free j hairline cant be detected by the nekkid (naked)eye

  15. b Says:

    mommy disowned me
    nah niggas clown me


  16. Free J Says:

    I thought u was beyond the shit u be on
    And b a peon, bird brain, pigeon wit his wings on
    Got him on ya ding dong and ya ping pong…balls
    Sing songs lookin like a Klingon
    U jus a crack head how u gon respond
    Workin at Verizon wit ya khakis on
    Got a bad back and both knees worn…out, B gotta pay a fee for cheap porn
    He gone in the bathroom wit the lotion squirt one time, na three more
    Used all the napkins from before
    Switched hands cuz the other one’s weak, sore no girl got him actin like Eeyore
    Wouldn’t go to his house she took a detour
    Damn, the one time he had a clean floor…don’t forget peanuts
    Who what where when why u tryin to be tough
    Went against Gob and u almost got beat up
    Got crack? Land tryin to re up
    Meanwhile his kids is sayin feed us
    I guess they don’t get to eat much
    Y’all dead, who? LMG? Yup
    Holy cow, sweet baby Jesus


    I did this to you…accept defeat.

  17. The Architek Says:



    you need to regroup and strategize

    you been taking a beating since the am

  18. Free J Says:

    How’s it feel to know u ain’t worthy competition? I created another youtube account cuz u ain’t a good enough opponent to be put on IMAX

    But I was obviously enough of a threat for u to spend money on…lets not forget u wanted me on a song too. Poor guy…

  19. b Says:

    i run it

    like my parents ran away when i was born

  20. The Architek Says:

    Despite reports that Jay-Z has joined the Florida “Stand Your Ground” boycott, The Huffington Post also reports that both Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake will still appear at their August 16 “Legends Of The Summer” show in Miami.



  21. S.I.K.H Says:

    “Jigga aint shit”(c)trilliam

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