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Rich Gang ft. French Montana, Bow Wow, Tyga & Gudda Gudda – Panties To The Side

Rich Gang enlists French, Bow Wow, Tyga, and Gudda Gudda on the latest leak from the upcoming LP out in stores July 23. Pre-order it on iTunes now.

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4 Responses to “Rich Gang ft. French Montana, Bow Wow, Tyga & Gudda Gudda – Panties To The Side”

  1. captain planet Says:

    Harlem World
    1 min ago

    al sharpton is in it for the cash my friend
    he is not sincere
    he is essentially an evangelical pastor walkin round the gallery
    with his collection plate
    but on a larger scale


    that may be true

    but what does he gain by people rallying in la today ?

    people in chicago rallying today ?

    i just think today is bigger than personal vendettas

    but what do i know

    im just a nigga in jordans

  2. TS-LTE Says:

    Captain Planet
    1 min ago
    im sure niggas got their reasons

    but sharpton did a beautiful thing today

    niggas could have been fucking bitches, popping guns or playing video games

    doing nigger shit

    but we came together to hold each other down


    This still kinda hurts a little though. It’s bittersweet. I pray it doesn’t stop here form this one child though.

    We need effective change man. Honestly, I haven’t even been listening to any of my gutta music.

    I really need to get back into the game to make a difference. I’m too potent to be impotent in this segment of my culture.

    It all starts with me and what I’m doing to help. It start with that again.

  3. captain planet Says:



    al sharptons new girlfriend

    i can’t complain … i can’t complain …

  4. harlem world Says:

    thats true
    im just here to support the cause
    let em know this aint gonna slide
    if you a black man in america
    you can always count on new yorkers
    to have ya back

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