Video: Torch – Run

No A/C Vol 2 coming soon.

Previously: Torch ft. Fred The Godson & Styles P – Malaria (Prod. by Scram Jones)

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2 Responses to “Video: Torch – Run”

  1. Casket Face Says:

  2. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    casket i dig that

    but the fact of the matter is this

    to call someone a rolemodel that means you like what they are doing with their live aspire to get to where they are and attempt to mimic their actions to a certain extent

    when you tell a nigga obama aint shit he doesnt support black people never attended any black caucus meetings are anything has not passed not 1 piece of legislation that would benefit the black community the majority of niggas will say

    oh well he is a role model

    the harsh reailty is that the same majority that views him as a role model behaves in the exact OPPOSITE manner than he does

    so how is he your role model?

    fact of the matter is niggas supported obama in both elections in record numbers because the black american has such a low self esteem they will put hope in any nigga that can talk good , walk with a bop and shoot a jumpshot without knowing ANY of the issues or agenda

    fact of the matter is black americans have been supporting democrats for fuckin decades

    democrats do NOTHING for black america


    yet niggas still will go vote STRAIGHT democrat on every ballot

    OG in that video has a ton of gems cuz

    “Black people in this country are like a football team with no time outs and the opposing team just keeps getting 1st down, black people have no time outs just watching the clock tick down”

    like i be sayin and will continue to say

    niggas aint shit cuz

    A black woman will say michele obama is her role model then step out the crib in booty shorts with both her ass cheeks showin .. tiddies all oiled up sittin lookin scrumptious then wonder why niggas show her negative attention


    michelle obama is her role model




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