Skip Rage – Talk To Me Nice

New shit from Skip Rage following his Rowdy Babe$ & Cold Beer tape.

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One Response to “Skip Rage – Talk To Me Nice”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    how long niggas been in the country cuz

    how fuckin long

    and niggas still dont know how the political system works how to get shit done in the political arena

    you need lobbysits heavily funded in DC lobbying..fighting for YOUR AGENDA

    niggas dont understand that tho

    faggots get it

    why you think faggots in 20 years have achieved so much

    cuz they understand how politics works

    niggas aint shit tho

    niggas dont get it

    all these fuckin rap niggas wanna talk about how they got picassos on the wall they got this that twin buggatis parked outside yadda yadda fuckin yadda

    all these niggas got all this fuckin money

    black community has somehwere north of 1.2 trillion dollars


    NONE of these niggas have put money together and gotten lobbyists to go to DC and fight for their agenda like every other segment of america does


    niggas aint shit thats why

    and if you think shit is fucked up now

    its only gon get worse


    here is why

    Blacks are no longer than major miniotry

    we were for a long time

    what did we do with it?

    not a damn thing

    hispanics are now the top minority .. which leaves us out

    they dont need us anymore

    its a wrap cuz

    black man was in the whitehouse aint do shit

    you think shit is gonna get done going forward?


    you kiddin me or what

    its a fuckin wrap

    they dont need us

    niggas aint shit

    democrats UPHELD jim crow

    what do niggas do every election?

    go to the ballot and vote straight democrat

    shit is digusting

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