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Young Chris – Choppas

New Young Chris produced by Conway Beatz. Alive comings soon.

Previously: Young Chris – Execution (Video)

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8 Responses to “Young Chris – Choppas”

  1. captain planet Says:

    hov sales numbers in tomorrow ?

    i wonder how many physical copies he ended up selling

  2. Casket Face Says:

    No RIP Trayvon songs!


  3. The Shot Clock Says:

    kanye collection weak. dude seem like he make a lot of bad decisions but his talent sees him through somehow

  4. Harlem World Says:

    damn them izraylees get it poppin

    check the news on any given day and they shootin, firin missles at somethin, anything

  5. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    All im sayin is this

    Had trayvon been alil italian kid

    Zimmerman would have got fitted for a nice pair of cement shoes

  6. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Had trayvon been alil muslim kid

    Surely suttin would have got blown up

  7. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    An arab muslim let me add

  8. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    HW how u feel about this


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