Video: Killa Kyleon – Backseat Freestyle

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3 Responses to “Video: Killa Kyleon – Backseat Freestyle”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    S.I.K.H Says:
    July 15th, 2013 at 2:42 pm
    When will these young niggas learn to stay the fuck off twitter.

    Athletes rarely have the insight to speak on important matters,then they always backpedal after the fact.

    You got your contract extention,now shut the fuck up and do that stupid salsa dance in the super bowl where it counts.

    Shut the fuck up,in general,silence is golden for a reason



  2. infared Says:

    i’ll give you a little example how it works.

    you have a boy who comes from a broken home, his family is poor. when he walks outside to go to school he realizes he has to adapt quickly to his environment. people are tough, they don’t take shit. he becomes tough, he likes the “respect”.

    he starts to notice the guys in the neighborhood with nice cars, nice clothes. bitches love this guy. he gets attention, “love”, and respect. once he finds out the guy is a hustler, he himself wants to hustle.

    he starts. now stay with me here, this kid could go on for YEARS hustling but all it takes for him to fuck up his life is getting caught ONCE.

    he goes to prison, gets out. now the REAL challenge has begun..who’s going to hire him with his record? who’s going to respect him even if he does get a job at mcdonalds? how can he go back from hustling to working a shitty minimum job? how will he ever be content knowing he could lose his shit job at any moment?

    a house mortgage? he can’t do that, because he doesn’t have financial now he lives with his momma.

    that’s the reality of what our kids are going through. it’s deeper then rap.

  3. infared Says:

    don’t have school today, some gems gonna be dropped for sure lol

    all these “trap” rappers don’t tell the kids what happens when they get caught up with that work.

    talk about moving bricks?

    yeah okay bruh, get caught with one of those and see what happens..and when you do get out good luck trying to find a job. now you working minimum wage, stuck in poverty because your record won’t allow you to get a career.

    the system is designed to keep you down.

    after non violent felons get out they should be put on a five year watch. if they do really good at adapting back to society then their records should be expunged. then you would see change.

    nobody wants to change if the law says they have to labeled as “criminals” forever.

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