Paul Wall ft. Kid Ink & YG – Gettin Tho’d

Paul Wall gives us his DJ Mustard produced single “Gettin Tho’d” featuring Kid Ink and YG. This is off his new mixtape Check Season coming soon.

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7 Responses to “Paul Wall ft. Kid Ink & YG – Gettin Tho’d”

  1. Casket Face Says:

  2. Casket Face Says:

    That was APRIL ….niggas would surprised how much shit niggas really see but ain’t in a position to do what they want about it.

  3. infared Says:

    @ CP

    other races be killing each other all the time in other countries, you right on that. however this is america, not mexico. that shit in chicago is unacceptable.

    the cartels chop heads off and kill each other for money, REAL money. the gangs in chicago are killing each other over nothing. are the gangs in chicago making 500 million a year? i doubt it. let me tell you something coming from a hustler..

    the only color that truly matters out here is green.

    that’s what everybody is dying over. chasing that american dream. trying to get that paper..the root of all evil isn’t money, it’s the LACK of money that makes people chop heads off, kill each other without blinking an eye. & like i said, most these dudes aren’t even killing for that! they killing to get some “respect”.

    smh it’s deeper then rap..

  4. captain planet Says:

    chicago niggas are shooting niggas for drug money and respect

    cartels are cutting heads off ?

    why do you gotta cut a nigga head of ?

    for $500 million ?

    now THAT’S savagery.

  5. captain planet Says:

    those cartels be dropping headless corpses in the middle of highways

    niggas don’t do shit that compare to that

  6. captain planet Says:

    CADEREYTA, Mexico – Authorities struggled Monday to identify 49 bodies without heads, hands or feet to gain clues into the latest in a series of massacres from an escalating war between Mexico’s two dominant drug cartels, with increasing evidence that innocents are being pulled into the bloodbath along with gang rivals.

    The 43 men and six women found Sunday were dumped at the entrance to the town of San Juan in the municipality of Cadereyta about 105 miles (175 kilometers) southwest of McAllen, Texas.


    you telling me $500 million explains this ?

    nah that’s just reckless savagery

    they run the streets and they know it

  7. infared Says:

    you kidding me right?

    bruh, if their was no laws here like their isn’t over there i’d be cutting heads off to. i’d be showing people they can’t fuck with me. the only reason they cutting heads off is because they’re fighting over territory and they’re all trying to scare and intimidate rival cartels. gangs in Chicago would be doing some crazy shit to if their were no laws there.

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