Video: Jay-Z Interview w/ Zane Lowe (Pt. 1)

UPDATED: added the video above.

Zane Lowe and BBC Radio 1 will dropping the audio from their Jay-Z interview in 4 parts over the next few days. Here’s part 1 in which he discusses a 4-day argument him and Kanye had over “Oceans and “Holy Grail”, his falling out and reconciliation with Timbaland, the “BBC” studio session with the likes of Nas and Nigo, possibly touring with wifey, Blue Ivy and much more.

In other news, Jay landed his first #1 album on the UK charts with the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail and he has announced that he’ll kick off a solo tour of Europe on October 3rd. He (Roc Nation Sports) also poly’d a deal with Pepsi for Robinson Cano. Hit the jump for the MCHG tour dates and venues.

Manchester (Arena) – 3rd October
Dublin, Ireland (O2 Arena) – 6th October
Birmingham (NIA Arena) – 8th October
London (O2 Arena) – 10th October
London (O2 Arena) – 11th October
London (O2 Arena) – 12th October
Paris, France (Bercy) – 17th October
Paris, France (Bercy) – 18th October
Zurich, Switzerland (Hallenstadion) – 20th October
Antwerp, Belgium (Sportpaleis) – 21st October
Oslo, Norway (Spektrum) – 23rd October
Stockholm, Sweden (Globe) – 25th October
Hamburg, Germany (O2 World) – 27th October
Cologne, Germany (Lanxess Arena) – 28th October
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Ziggo Dome) – 29th October

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12 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z Interview w/ Zane Lowe (Pt. 1)”

  1. captain planet Says:

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  3. Casket Face Says:

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  4. captain planet Says:

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  5. infared Says:

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  7. infared Says:

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  8. captain planet Says:

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  9. infared Says:

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  10. infared Says:

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  11. infared Says:

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  12. AFGun Says:

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