Ka Dropping The Night’s Gambit Tomorrow

I’ve said it before, and I say it again now, Ka had hands down one of the illest albums of 2012 with his stark, lyrically impeccable project Grief Pedigree. So it’s with great pleasure that I announce that his follow up, The Night’s Gambit, is complete and will be going on sale tomorrow. The Brownsville MC is keeping the initial release of the album super analog and will be personally selling the CD tomorrow in front of the old Fat Beats location in the West Village at 406 6th Ave starting at 2:00 p.m. In these times of zip files and Soundcloud streams, it’s refreshing to see an artist make such an effort to connect with fans on a real, personal level.

So if you’re in NYC, stop by tomorrow and pick up The Night’s Gambit and chop it up with Ka for a minute. If you can’t make it, the LP will be available on iTunes and other digital outlets within a day or so.

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54 Responses to “Ka Dropping The Night’s Gambit Tomorrow”

  1. Chief Ali Says:

    chief u still on the superman shit?



    on my 4th rotation with another week left

    a nigga 28 but that shit got me feeling like i’m 18

  2. b Says:

    chief link that shit again please

    all kinds of other shit popping up

  3. cOLD Says:


    Man get these crackas outta my culture

    ^ listen to that real late with Rosenberg freestyle. He basically said in but so many words. That they’re (Bronson miller) are stealing the culture. From right under our noses.

  4. cOLD Says:

    Eating Brazilian food listening to Hans Zimmer.

    Life is good

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