FEATURE: The Green Room with U-God

Rocking a crowd is one of the top 2 or 3 skills every MC must possess, there’s just no getting around it. Master of Ceremonies is literally the job description. In recent years, with the decline in record sales and other sources of artist’s income, hitting the road and connecting with fans in person is now more important to an artists career than it ever was. For our new series The Green Room, we will document this sometimes fun, but often stressful and grueling aspect of a Rapper’s career. For our first installment we caught up with U-God, one the most well traveled MCs from a crew that has been around the world more times than anybody can count. He spoke to us about the early days on the road with the rest of the Wu, his pre-performance rituals, some of the Clan’s most memorable performances and much more.

Click here to read The Green Room with U-God

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439 Responses to “FEATURE: The Green Room with U-God”

  1. Harlem World Says:

    wack panther

    you should be ashamed of yaself for breeding with ya peoples oppressor

    moozlum when youre in my country you sit down, stfu and make sure that beard only grows so high

  2. Casket Face Says:

    Ignorance lol …my babies are made with love my dude, “wack panther”, I laugh everytime I hear these names. Everybody plays a role b, with this generation passing out flyers and preaching on street corners is useless. Why do through all that when I can give birth to the same message online and reach hundreds and thousands instantly who searched for the information.

  3. Harlem World Says:

    it aint ignorance

    we dont want ya islamic or arabic ways in manhattan or new york for that matter

    can i go to saudi arabia and build a church or a synagogue?


    so why come you can come to america and build a mosque and preach hatred

    and then you complain that america hates you

  4. Casket Face Says:

    I’m not muslim my guy, in fact I’m not religious at all, I trust science more than religion.

  5. Harlem World Says:

    all ayrabs

    must apologize for their role in ongoing black slavery in the arab world

    has ya wife apologized yet


  6. Casket Face Says:

    French Montana then too right? He’s Morrocan and called all of you “niggers to your face” basically every time raps.

    ..if you wanna take there.

  7. Harlem World Says:

    yes of course

    but he is only moozlum by name

    he drinks as much as myself

  8. Casket Face Says:

    I’m an American , and I do sympathize with African plight, however my concertration is America. Africa is a free country, yet they blast each other apart over petty differences. There’s no excuse for that shit.

    In America we’re expected to lead by example…which is what I do.

  9. Harlem World Says:

    gz defense fund has raised 80k from donations

    but all my skinfolk are doing to help trayvons fam is tough talk in tweets x comments

    are black people all talk and no action?

  10. Harlem World Says:

    Africa is a free country

    you fool

    africa is a continent


    the american school system has failed us all

  11. Harlem World Says:

    lead by example??

    white girls rapped about killing n*ggers and bitches in front of you

    and you smiled and silently gave dap to them

    this is pro black?

    on what planet would that be?

  12. Casket Face Says:

    That’s an unfair contrast …blacks came to the Martin family’s aid myself included. Their legal fees were taken care of as well as other things.

    80k? I thought it was more …the fact that he recieved anything bothers me.

  13. Harlem World Says:

    theyll definitley riot in tampa

    thats a no brainer

    shit, they might just riot if hes found guilty

  14. Casket Face Says:

    Harlem World Says:
    July 13th, 2013 at 8:15 am
    lead by example??

    white girls rapped about killing n*ggers and bitches in front of you

    and you smiled and silently gave dap to them

    this is pro black?

    on what planet would that be?


    Let me address this clearly and directly, because every time it’s brought up it almost comes off as jealously.

    In my mind, I always lead by example …she isn’t the first white girl to say nigga, there’s plenty and let’s stop pretending we don’t know the context in which white youth use the word in.

    Do I approve of it? No, but how can I express discourse over something I myself contribute to? Blacks use nigga religiously, so can we tell someone else not to use it?

    I was fascinated by her free usage, she’s obviously around people who let her use freely without disapproval. I did my job, my job was to REPORT, DOCUMENT and EXERCISE FREEDOM OF PRESS.

    What were my alternative options? Stop a 21 year old female with two black children who seen more murder than most black rappers faking the funk and tell “Hey you know you should use that word”

    Or maybe being 7 feet tall and bench pressing 380 pounds, I can beat up a 100 pound half Vietnamese and half white girl on a predominately white LA sidewalk? For saying “nigga”?

    I though you niggas was all about “non violence” when confronting racism, Harlem World you tried to check me over this Zimmerman trial shit a couple of times saying VIOLENCE IS STUPID.

    So what exactly is it you would’ve have done in that situation, besides RECORD, let it be viewed by over MILLION times and allow the social commentary to metastasize WORLDWIDE and generation discussion?

    If you can’t respect what I did you are jealous hater point blank period, and the only reason you’d harp on it is in hopes to discourage me to take the video down….

    Please don’t tell me the motive behind your hate is you can’t stand looking at high youtube views…

  15. Harlem World Says:


    you love white people so much in person

    but online you hate their guts

    malcolm x button

  16. Casket Face Says:

    Any time someone types a log detailed response that’s call melting?

    I think it’s the opposite, short concise accusations with no solution to the perceived problem, seems to me like the accuser is “melting” and needs “affirmation” he isn’t alone in his/her feelings of guilt, anger or depression.

    I do love white people, just as I love Asians, Jewish, Middle Easterners, blacks , Hispanics and all other groups of this planet.

    I don’t hate their guts, I hate what SOME stand by and watch happen because they’re too lazy or simply don’t know how to fix a serious social issue.

    Accusing me of something without a solution or alternative means you’re simply affected by it emotionally but don’t have the tools to articulate your discourse or perspective …so you lash out at me until your mind can reach an “acceptable” schema. Because you yourself are brainwashed with black inferiority and don’t even realize it.

    It’s not about gain power, acceptance, or recognition …it’s about respect, EQUAL respect. EQUAL isn’t superficial as being polite, it’s acknowledging someone’s feelings, discomfort or mis guidance without prejudgment.

    I don’t want “payback” …and that’s what you are failing to realize. I want CHANGE, EVOLUTION, and STABILITY….that’s a REAL SOLUTION.

    Not beating your head up against a brick wall demanding respect…you want respect you have to GIVE IT.

  17. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Malcolm [x]

  18. Casket Face Says:

    “The Lib( as in Liberace) Frankie”

  19. Casket Face Says:

    _,—-‘ _______________________ `—-._
    ,-‘ __,—‘ ___________________ `—.__ `-.
    ,-‘ ,-‘ __,—‘ _______________ `—.__ `-. `-.
    ,’ ,-‘ ,-‘ __,—‘ `—.__ `-. `-. `.
    / ,’ ,-‘ ,-‘ `-. `-. `. \
    / ,’ ,’ ,–‘ FRANKIE `–. `. `. \
    | / ,’ ,’ `. `. \ |
    ,–. ,–. Crotch Gazer _______
    ( ` ” ‘) Ankle Tat (_______)
    >- . -< / \
    ( , .) ( JIZZ )
    `–'^`–' Undercover \_______/
    /_\ Brother

  20. Casket Face Says:

    #@&:%00′ ‘00%:&@#
    #@&:%0’ ‘0%:&@#
    #@&:%0 0%:&@#
    #@&:%0 0%:&@#
    #@&:%0 0%:&@#
    “” ‘ ” ” ‘ “”

  21. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Danny Clown

  22. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Damn Basket you might need to mask up or sumn these shots are pathetic
    Don’t get embarrassed out here dude

  23. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


  24. Casket Face Says:

    Out here? Or just Nah Right? Lets be honest …

  25. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Casket >

    It’s actual gems in his diatribe

  26. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    2013 has been good to DMV artist Fat Trel and it just got a little bit better. Reports are saying Fat Trel has inked a contract with MMG and is now a member of the family, where his good friend Wale also resides. Word is he signed Roc Nation to handle management duties as well. Expect the official announcement soon.

  27. b Says:

    Barack ocomma

  28. Casket Face Says:

    If Fat Trel was smart he’d sign to No Limit …he’s gonna be over shawdowed at MMG.

    You cant have two fat ugly niggas in the same camp.

    Why go somewhere to ride coat tails? When can you shine and still get the same money and more concerntration as an artist.

  29. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Say what u want about mmg..

    The artists drop albums.

    Smart move for trel IMO..

  30. Harlem World Says:

    Because you yourself are brainwashed with black inferiority and don’t even realize it.


    stop the melt!

    dont confuse me callin you out on being an insecure wannabe white boy

    with “inferiority”

    you cried ya eyes out because some whiteboy talked about going on a private jet

    and forged bank statements, making you a financial criminal!

  31. Harlem World Says:

    you are nahrights punchbag

    you unnastand?

    lurkers practice their ether on you


  32. Harlem World Says:

    e-liar muhammad

  33. Harlem World Says:

    ya last name might actually be muhammad tho

    after all, you did wife a moozlum

  34. Harlem World Says:

    its true what they say

    most americans really do learn their history through movies

    niccas only just learnin about the oscar grant shit now

    cus a movie came out smh

  35. Tron Stockton Says:

    Ya boy upgraded to time Warner turbo Internet ..

    Got so much bandwidth bruh..

  36. Harlem World Says:

    todays main event

    b vs gob bluth

    place ya wagers at the table

  37. Harlem World Says:


  38. Harlem World Says:


  39. Casket Face Says:

    Harlem World Says:
    July 13th, 2013 at 11:06 am
    its true what they say

    most americans really do learn their history through movies

    niccas only just learnin about the oscar grant shit now

    cus a movie came out smh


    Again …you’re projecting, I knew about the BART shooting incident when it initially happened and I’m equally outraged as I am now as I was back then.

    I was very vocal and protested ON THE STREETS about the injustice.

    Every insecurity you have about yourself and blackness oozes out like a gunshot shot wound, Alonzo’s death Training Day style EVERY TIME you try and call me out on something.

    It would be easier to just admit, “hey man you know I kinda feel this way about something but I’m not sure if my feelings are right or wrong”…

    Nah you rather berate me and hide behind useless and meaningless attacks and insults to affirm your identity by discrediting the fact I’m secure with mines. You’re like a KID …grow up.

    And FYI the movie embellished more than a few things so I don’t rely on movies for history. I actually read and research seeing as that my educational back ground is in anthropology.

    My comments are like Freudian Psychology and you eagerly park your ass in that chair and spill your guts. Punching bag? Nah if my conscious had a dick, it fucks your inferiority in its ass against its will.


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