ESPO, James Franco & Mister Cartoon Customize the Yeezus Cover

GQ sent a poster of Kanye’s Yeezus cover, which famously asks the consumer to ‘PLEASE ADD GRAFFITTI’, to 5 artists (Steve “ESPO” Powers, Mister Cartoon, Curtis Kulig, Will Fry and actor James Franco) and asked them to do just that. ESPO’s take features his trademark typography and Mister Cartoon employed his signature Fineline tattoo style to add flavor to the cover.

Franco, on the other hand, appears to have utilized Photoshop and a ball point pen.


My favorite of the 5 though is easily Will Fry’s piece:

“No one who feels like writing graffiti needs or wants your permission to do so. I burned sixteen copies of the leaked version of Yeezus and stuck them to the poster with velcro. I’d like to encourage everyone walking by to take one.”

Well said sir. View all 5 versions here.

Oh and come on GQ, really? That’s some disrespectful shit.

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116 Responses to “ESPO, James Franco & Mister Cartoon Customize the Yeezus Cover”

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  2. Gob Bluth Says:

    GQ Calls Too $hort and Eazy-E Two of the Worst Rappers of All Time



  3. Casket Face Says:

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  4. King James Says:

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    My mind and body wasn’t ready, I ain’t ashamed…

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