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Video: Watch as Yasiin Bey is Force Fed Like a Guantanamo Detainee

Well I certainly didn’t expect this to be the first thing I watched this morning. In order to bring awareness to the barbaric practice of force feeding detainees at the U.S. military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Yasiin Bey agreed to be subjected to the procedure and allowed it to be filmed Human Rights organization Reprieve and filmmaker Asif Kapadia. Be warned before you watch, this is very graphic.

As Ramadan begins, more than 100 hunger-strikers in Guantánamo Bay continue their protest. More than 40 of them are being force-fed. A leaked document sets out the military instructions, or standard operating procedure, for force-feeding detainees. In this four-minute film made by Human Rights organisation Reprieve and Bafta award-winning director Asif Kapadia, US actor and rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def), experiences the procedure

via The Guardian

While there are no doubt some bad motherfuckers locked away in this secretive U.S. concentration camp, many of the men being held there have already been cleared to leave, but can’t because no country will accept them. All of them prisoners exist in a state of legal limbo, denied the due process afforded to American citizens by our legal system.

Spotted: TSS

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7 Responses to “Video: Watch as Yasiin Bey is Force Fed Like a Guantanamo Detainee”

  1. harlem world: my hoe$ they do drug$ Says:


    mos was cryin like a lil bitch

    looked like he got a lil thrill out of it tho

    JOKE (in bad taste)

    get it?!?

  2. harlem world: my hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    in all seriousness tho

    they say 90% of people in guantanamo are innocent

    govt have released most of the people they detained n tortured in guantanamo with no charges

    waste of taxpayer money

  3. The Architek Says:


  4. And The Winner Is... Says:

    Heavy shit…Im not laugin at all.

  5. spirit equality Says:

    “While there are no doubt some bad motherfuckers locked away in this secretive U.S. concentration camp”

    ^ We don’t know if anybody held there is guilty, because they won’t give any of them a trial. Knowing this government and hearing about how only 7% of the detainees were captured by US forces on “Taxi To The Dark Side” (with the rest turned over for paid bounties by Pakistani and Afghan militias), I’d say a good 90% of those people are probably guys the militias either wanted knocked off or grabbed at random. Shit is fucked up. Give em trials or let em go. We’re leaving Afghanistan next year. When that happens, they need to drop all those guys right back in Kabul, with some money in their pocket for the bullshit we put them through.

  6. spirit equality Says:

    And of the 7% captured by US forces, a bunch of those guys are probably just Afghans who were at the wrong place and the wrong time. The Taliban fight to the death. They don’t do that “I surrender” bullshit. Ask the Soviets.

  7. spirit equality Says:

    mos was cryin

    ^ let me see how you act when someone shoves an object up your nose and winds it down your throat. what are you, an idiot?

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