Video: Giftz ft. Freddie Gibbs – Money Making Mitch

Giftz and Gibbs connect on a new track that draws inspiration from Mekhi Phifer’s character in Paid In Full, who was of course informed by the legend of the late Rich Porter. Position of Power is coming soon.

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3 Responses to “Video: Giftz ft. Freddie Gibbs – Money Making Mitch”

  1. Word Al Yankyabitch Says:

    Marty Kahn in the face [II] rap

    Gibbs, tho >

  2. Word Al Yankyabitch Says:

    it’s like soon as she saw the chain

    cost an arm & a leg

    like the fate of Tony’s

    compadre An-gel

    at the hands of Hector the Toad

    she was in the tub cuttin’

    froggy style

    like the bass on Pony

  3. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    i thought ramadan was the whole month of august

    any man or woman that has the discpline to not eat during day light hours gets my respect

    maybe i should try that

    being that im jewish muslim chrisitan buddahist hindu 5% n all the above

    why not?

    Discpline is a Muscle…see the film of life season 1

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