Video: Jon Connor – Judge And Jury

Connor’s Unconscious State is out now

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3 Responses to “Video: Jon Connor – Judge And Jury”

  1. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    rip casketface


  2. cut that bitch off Says:

    Casket Face Says:
    July 2nd, 2013 at 5:01 pm
    What blood is being contaminated?

    Africans and Native Americans set aside petty differences in the name of war against a common enemy, interracial marriages between Blacks and Native Americans was common and widely accepted.

    My family owns ACRES of land in the south, pictures are in the museum’s archive. So again? What blood is being contaminated?

    Who are YOU fighting against? Only reason Africans followed white religions was out of fear and a chance at freedom. OUR native religion wasn’t Islam…it was Karade and Doumbia.

    What blood is contaminated? I know my family history and the struggle I’m fighting?

    You picked up for NIGGER religion in jail which allows you to do what the fuck you want without complete discipline to God. Five Percent Nation is horse shit.


    This is not about blacks and indians joining forces vs crackers. That history is well known. Native Americans are actually good people and blacks built relationships with them while they were slaves. The issue is you’re trying to claim “indian” because it makes you look cool or unique because just being black is not sufficient enough. You feel validated to claim another race, and you look foolish.

    Who cares about owning acres of land in the south. It aint like the shit is so expensive to buy. Hell any nigga can swoop up a few acres if he invested his money right. The land is cheap considering other places. And my Grandfather owned plenty of land and houses to and gave his children the land when he passed. It doesn’t mean anything.

    I’m fighting against hypocrites like you that claim blackness like some Nat turner shit but have the audacity to marry someone from another race. You invalidate yourself of everything you claim to stand for. Never said our native religion is islam. I couldn’t careless about Islam.

    You contaminated your own race’s blood. Please don’t be a socially black conscious type and then get with another woman outside your race. You wanna riot off george zimmerman yet you’re holding hands giving wedding rings to his sister.

    I Don’t believe that 5 percenter shit. save that for someone else.

  3. Casket Face Says:

    I am black, African-American …that is my NATIONALITY.

    Where did I ever claim not to be BLACK?

    And please don’t get into genetics, because there’s only 2 people on this earth with 100% pure blood unaltered genetics. A group of Eskimos in Alaska and a tribe of Brazilians. Neither have African DNA.

    However they are the closest to Native Americans in genetic make up.
    And it’s suggested they occupied AMERICA FIRST.

    But fuck all that.

    I just told you my people are from Africa and the Carribean and you shooting at my grandmother who is Cherokee who VERY alive and kicking proof of part of my DNA. My dad is light as my sons….and my cousins are the same complexion as my kids.

    You’re projecting HATE and JEALOUSLY, for what reason I don’t know.
    But niggas always targeting complexion as a precursor.

    Sadly you fail to realize that is the requirements of “whiteness”, Portuguese, Genoas, and British set aside petty differences to form “whiteness”.

    You’re trying to “free” your people using the same institutionalized thinking that kept us stagnant for hundreds of years.

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