Doe B ft. Young Dro – Wheres Waldo

Off Doe B’s Baby Jesus mixtape dropping July 4th.

Previously: Doe B ft. Young Dro, Birdman, B.O.B. & T.I. – Kemosabe (Remix) (Behind The Scenes)

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One Response to “Doe B ft. Young Dro – Wheres Waldo”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    TS-LTE Says:
    July 2nd, 2013 at 6:30 pm
    This is what happens when you look at rappers as role models, lol.

    You get lost.

    You forget about Cornell West, Michael Dyson, Kenneth Chenault, Malcolm Gladwell, TJ Holmes, the President of The Nee York Post, the Head Of The UN, THE POTUS, and every other black man who are pushing a nation of beautiful souls forward.

    I’ll let these melts on black representation go forward though.

    Because we clearly look in different directions for black culture.


    So I own books by most of the authors you named, and you had no idea, yet you object to everything I say, attack my ideals disfavor me as a person.

    My wife and kids are somehow ALWAYS the basis for hating me and are seen as mere reflections of “self-hate” instead of manifestations of love and equality.

    Yet when men like Marc Ecko, Action Bronson, Steven Spielberg, and Robin Thicke do it it’s not self-hate.

    Niggas want me to deny my grandmother her heritage to make niggas feel better about themselves.

    Niggas named authors of books I have ON DECK and have read 3 times over. Yet I’m self hating?

    Nah, it’s called “Poor Self-Concept”, you niggas project your doubts, fears and inadequacies as a black onto me as a scapegoat because truth is YOU’RE HURT and CONFUSED about who YOU ARE.

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