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Video: Diddy – Born Dreamer (Vlog)

Yes We Cannes.

Previously: Diddy’s Revolt TV Coming to Time Warner Cable

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34 Responses to “Video: Diddy – Born Dreamer (Vlog)”

  1. why? Says:

    Pharrell won.

    European radio stations playing Get Lucky and that robin thicke track every hour. These motherfuckers too into EDM though..

  2. b Says:


  3. A-1 Says:

    Harlem World: My Hoe$ They Do Drug$
    3 hrs, 18 mins ago
    ‘I’ll have to present something different that people haven’t felt before,” P says of working on another Clipse album. Pusha T. is a little over a month away from dropping his debut solo album, My Name is My Name, but Pharrell is confident that fans will be gifted with a Clipse reunion album in the near future, and he will certainly be on board to produce it when the time comes around. “Oh they will,” Pharrell told MTV News matter-of-factly, when asked if he thought a Clipse album is on the horizon, going on to explain what his role in the project might be. “I’m gonna have to find an untapped zone and just present something different that people haven’t felt before.”
    Da God has spoken…….

  4. A-1 Says:

    Kev cOLD diss bars>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    I c da skill..get in dat booth boy! Lol

  5. A-1 Says:

    Harlem World: My Hoe$ They Do Drug$
    3 hrs, 14 mins ago
    comforting serena williams after her defeat >>>>

  6. Tong Po Flo Says:

    Badu’s phatty >>>>>

    She knew what she was doing wearing them tights

  7. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Replied hw

  8. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Serena lost huh?

  9. ***biggumskiller*** Says:


  10. King James Says:

    Schoolboy Q – My Homie>>>>>>>

    Habits & Contradictions>>>>>

  11. King James Says:

    Pharrell >>>>>>>>>>>


    The Charlie Wilson tribute was amazing!

    Damn near let off some tears

  12. King James Says:

    Interscope >>>>>

    Pharrell, Black Hippy, Chief Keef, and Dre all under one roof

    I bet T.I. signs there

  13. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Free 50 ALLREADY
    I like this one better:

  14. Casket Face Says:

    That’s what I don’t every time I do some shit that proves I’m a only human …niggas cut into me.

    But Dre is the biggest sellout and Uncle Tom in Hip-Hop and niggas don’t be saying shit.

    Nigga damn near got 30 years of Uncle Tom’in under his belt.

  15. Casket Face Says:

    *That’s what I don’t get

  16. Dr. $ Says:

    Badu’s phatty >>>>>

    She knew what she was doing wearing them tights


    Her box changes people’s lives!

  17. Casket Face Says:

    Erykah aging horribly though …vice life did her in.
    Think she got ass shots though…her wasn’t that fat back in the day.

  18. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    George Zimmerman’s injuries were minor
    Not life threatening
    The glove fits
    You can’t acquit

  19. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Dr.dre is a faggot a horrible leader and a user of ghost producers
    You changed your opinion on Angela Rye a little Too much Casketface
    I tried a tole ya
    Ain’t I’m King…

  20. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Where can I see badu in yoga pants.


  21. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Nosign badu booty slander
    No wonder Tyrone Andre3000 Jay Illuminati and Ferguson went bat shit
    It’s that water booty and she play John Coltrane when she top it off
    Kendrick be wearing tu-tu’s by December nigga

  22. Casket Face Says:

    Good read for non-lazy brothers who don’t mind reading….bet this nigga “hates being black” to huh?


  23. King James Says:

    Schoolboy Q & Jay Rock – 2 Raw >>>>>

  24. A-1 Says:

    King James
    33 mins ago
    Schoolboy Q – My Homie>>>>>>>

    Habits & Contradictions>>>>>
    This! This! This!

  25. Rajon Trondo Says:



  26. ***biggumskiller*** Says:


  27. A-1 Says:

    “What’s a RealNigga addiction..??!! Money..tabs..& bitches! Hangn wit snitches shittt dem wasn’t my intentions! Ole bitch ass nigga!”


  28. King James Says:

    Niggas already know Q!

  29. A-1 Says:

    O Capo checc in cuhz

  30. Casket Face Says:

    Man if y’all don’t get this muthafuckin’ fat piece of shit…this nigga dead son’


  31. ***biggumskiller*** Says:


    Schoolboy more street so he not getting that good kid push
    They know who to promote
    You b allright A-1
    There’s a new wave of non sellout emcees on the way

  32. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    The greatest thing about Angela Rye is that she’s a daddies girl
    Black women with fathers in the home>>>>
    Coochie be clean status for all you mud ducks out there

  33. Casket Face Says:

    Black women with fathers in the home>>>>


    Never met one that wasn’t ill pops give them that balance, and how to treat a black man.
    From experience, white fathers struggle with their daughters.

  34. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Hot women with insecurity issues > _________

    The quim is ripe for the taking

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