The Kid Daytona – Shotgun

This record was inspired by a few ride or die women that I’ve encountered on this journey we call life. So often I would get caught up in my ego, and just in the grind all together that I would miss out on something that could’ve been special. But being honest with myself, I knew I just wasn’t ready or maybe just really afraid of how dope these women actually were. So much so that it felt like it was too good to be true. With that being said, I wrote “Shotgun”.

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5 Responses to “The Kid Daytona – Shotgun”

  1. French Kevin Says:

    Heard some kid say the government wants to practice marshall law in Florida, so they’re expecting for riots to ensue after the Zimmerman acquittal.

  2. b Says:

    2 days, 20

    land i love you boy piece

  3. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    ‘I’ll have to present something different that people haven’t felt before,” P says of working on another Clipse album. Pusha T. is a little over a month away from dropping his debut solo album, My Name is My Name, but Pharrell is confident that fans will be gifted with a Clipse reunion album in the near future, and he will certainly be on board to produce it when the time comes around. “Oh they will,” Pharrell told MTV News matter-of-factly, when asked if he thought a Clipse album is on the horizon, going on to explain what his role in the project might be. “I’m gonna have to find an untapped zone and just present something different that people haven’t felt before.”

  4. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    niggas lose sleep while they weep
    fetal position ill form
    think it cheaper to keep
    but she got you feeling
    still born
    wanna fly out the covers
    ask where she been
    & why y’all no longer lovers
    why she smell like ya mens
    you hold yaself closer
    breathing a lil lighter
    turn ya face in the pilluh
    wrap the comforter tighter
    tell yourself that she loyal
    she slick s.i.c.k baby oiyul
    she hop inside the bed
    her pussy smell
    like it recoiled

    cue the snores…

    cOLD side of the bed

  5. b Says:

    Thing is,prior to this night I thought I was in the friendzone. Now I think I’m in the get this nigga the fuck away from me zone.

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