Boaz ft. Sean Price & Illa Ghee – Psycho Killa (Prod. !llmind)

New shit from Boaz, who recently inked a deal with Rostrum Records, Mic Tyson and Illa Ghee.

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8 Responses to “Boaz ft. Sean Price & Illa Ghee – Psycho Killa (Prod. !llmind)”

  1. brolic fonts Says:

    stephen king said he hated the shining, interesting

  2. brolic fonts Says:

    SN: that dome show looks like it has potential

  3. Casket Face Says:

    Man niggas kill me with that bullshit.

    White people always talking “Oh, I don’t see color” …yeah nigga? Why you not tryna buy a house in East New York? South Jamaica Queens? On the south side of 8mile.

    White people don’t move to the ghetto UNLESS it’s in DROVES, fuck outta here…each and EVERY white person on this Earth knows the benefits of being “white”.

    Even Zimmerman fat spic ass that why he killed Trayvon, tryna prove he white to his Klan homies.

    People are TRAINED to not like black people, it’s cool, DON’T LIKE US, but continue not to like us when the MONEY rolls in. Then you come up with an excuse REAL QUICK why race doesn’t matter.

    Word to all the communication companies that paid Tom Burrell to do their advertising for blacks…selling niggas Afro picks and all that.

    And that’s what KILLS me, MONEY is GOD to white people, you will sell your soul for a fuckin’ dollar. And those who don’t have money slither around in slimy premise of “whiteness”. Depending on “whiteness”.

    You don’t say it, but you do.

    I can’t hate every single white person I encouter, that’s just racist and STUPID. But just like your ancestors set shit in money and you benefit from, YOU have to set some shit in motion so ALL OF OUR KIDS can benefit from it.

    To change is gonna take EVERYONE to STOP and SLOW DOWN and FIX IT….but people ain’t gonna do that shit until they FORCED TO CONFRONT IT.

    I give white people hell in real life and online…I’m very vocal in a way they respect the honest…. I ain’t got time for that coy “just get money” disposition.

    Fuck that, that’s for weak niggas… I be around enough white people to know they throw money around like it’s NOTHING…it’s not hard to make money when you white they do it in DROVES….but we try and it’s a problem, reverse racism or conspiracy.

    White people be knowin’ them muthafucks ain’t no victims…fuck outthere.

  4. brolic fonts Says:

    thats a lot to read bro, wish I would. where yo blog at man

  5. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Premo explains the origins of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments.” He reveals the beat was originally rapper Jeru the Damaja’s, and it was used for radio host Angie Martinez’s

  7. Casket Face Says:

    Black get the most money WHENEVER we do EXACTLY what other races have done and STICK TOGETHER.

    What makes us dangerous is no one wants to have shit to do with us, interpersonally, so the money we make is really circulated into making each other RICH…just like whites.

    Where we go wrong is hugging the first cracker that says he’s different… allowing a chink in the phalanx.

    Tulsa Oklahoma, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights, R&B, Hip-Hop …we stay sharing and giving away our resources like idiots.

    Meanwhile Mac Miller riding shot gun with Marc Ecko, Miley cleaning up, Karashians made a fortune, and Coldplay sells out Barclay …which the area used to be crime and prostitute ridden.

    Asians still cop Hondas and Toyotas

    Old the Goldman’s, Steins, Bergs etc invest in each other

    We don’t invest SHIT in each other….

  8. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    “still whippin up the blow mayne
    g.i niccas got slugs for the snowmayne”

    damn gibbs still goin at jeezys neck

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