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Video: Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til Infinity

Summer Knights drops July 1st.

UPDATED: with SK tracklist after the jump.

01 Alowha [prod. by Kirk Knight]
02 Hilary $wank [prod. by Lee Bannon]
03 My Youth [ft. Collie Buddz] [prod. by Chuck Strangers]
04 Afterlife [ft. Kirk Knight] [prod. by Chuck Strangers and Patrick Eulmi]
05 Right on Time [T’nah Apex] [prod. by Kirk Knight]
06 Sweet Dreams [prod. by Navie D]
07 47goonz [ft. Dirty Sanchez, Nyck Caution and Rokamouth] [prod. by Lee Bannon]
08 Sit N’ Prey [ft. Dessy Hinds and T’nah Apex] [prod. by Navie D]
09 Word Is Bond [prod. by Statik Selektah]
10 Trap Dour [prod. by Alchemist]
11 Satellite [ft. Chuck Strangers, Kirk Knight and Dessy Hinds] [prod. by Lee Bannon]
12 95 Til Infinity [prod. by Lee Bannon]
13 Amethyst Rockstar [ft. Kirk Knight] [prod. by DOOM]
14 Reign [prod. by Chuck Strangers]
15 Sorry Bonita [ft. Dyemond Lewis, Chuck Strangers, Dirty Sanchez, A La Sole, Kirk Knight, Dessy Hinds, and CJ Fly] [prod. by Oddisee]
16 #LongLiveSteelo (Bonus track) [prod. by Kirk Knight]

via Pitchfork

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6 Responses to “Video: Joey Bada$$ – 95 Til Infinity”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Free J bruh you not the only nigga with rich peoples bruh … I got millionaires in my family and if I name dropped it’ll probably fuck your head up.

    Thing is I also have pride, so while I went on expensive trips, and lived with upper class people which you seem to condescendingly keep throwing in nigga’s faces…yall median income is only 70K a year…males make 26K a year. So please stop talking like you from Bel-Air nigga…you from a SMALL CITY with a WORKING ECONOMY…nothing new nigga Texas been doing it for years it don’t make you better than nobody.

    Secondly when I was your age I already owned a condo, brand new trucks, and cars for my wifey, 2 years ago I was in local papers for business.
    Please stop actin’ like you the only nigga who seen money.

    And you right, my dad is a crack head and my mother is mentally ill, EVERYTHING I owned I obtained on my own through trial and error. NO HELP. So my dollars spend different than yours and my view of accomplishment is WAY different.

    I been on Nah Right since 2008 and lurked since the beginning. I kept it G…from gettin’ clowned about my TV and apartment, jobs I’ve worked, my Rocawear hoodie (LOL)…

    When I post I post my ups AND downs …it’s what it means to be HUMAN.

    Right now I’m going through it, raising three kids, trying to get my paper work in order and paying for licenses and lawyers in New York City…where a permit costs more than your city’s income per capita little nigga.

    So faking a bank account on Nah Right is the least of my worries and says nothing about my character except a little bit of my actual self rubbed off into a s/n… I gotta get this money, not to floss, to take care of my seeds and make sure they receive a fighting chance in life nigga.

    You a fuckin’ kid b… at 24 I had the experience and bank account of a 40 year old little nigga….my body and mind is TIRED, still I get up everyday because I HAVE TO NIGGA…my seeds need me and I’ll be damned if I go out like a sucka. I die hard nigga.

    So keep talking that young retarded nigga shit from the safety and sanction of the harsh realities of ADULT LIFE…like I said 2-3 years when that party over THEN we can talk.

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    never heard a wack bar from this kid

    but when he start rhyming with the aggressive tone?

    sounding more like Keith Murray on this joint

  3. Free J Says:

    What kind of nigga hates whites but tries to date them? Someone who wants to be accepted…

  4. Gob Bluth Says:


  5. Free J Says:

    Lol @ casket… I skimmed thru that. I don’t kno what ur talkin bout. Never said my ppls were rich. I jus said we ain’t poor…clearly I was talkin to b. been done talkin to u.

    You got 4 YEARS on me… U aint a real adult. Don’t talk to me about bank accounts. Your commas don’t even respect u enough to be in the right spots.

  6. spirit equality Says:

    95 Til Infinity needs a remix with Souls of Mischief.

    That is all.

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