Video: J. Cole – Crooked Smile (In-Studio)

Cole checked into SiriusXM’s Hip-Hop Nation to explain the TLC-featured “Crooked Smile” on his new album Born Sinner and performed the song in the studio.

Previously: Video: J. Cole – Dollar & A Dream Tour Vlog (Houston)

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246 Responses to “Video: J. Cole – Crooked Smile (In-Studio)”

  1. AR-Clip Says:

    It’s levels to dis shit

  2. jderrida Says:

    I thought we all knew queen lame is nahrights new pom pom waving virgin he has no bitches

  3. AR-Clip Says:

    Big gums you corny as fuck. Keep my name out yo mouth nigga.

  4. b Says:

    Why come ya hairline got sequestered tho

  5. b Says:


    I jus noticed land stopped typing after I said that “I love you” shit smh… My bad

  6. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:

    if i see any niccas typin after 6.30 east coast time on a friday

    when i return to this shit tomorrow if i survive tonight

    to talk b.s

    imma lose truckloads of respeckt for ya

    fuckin convoys of respeckt just lost in one comment

  7. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Say you sorry and I might take my foot off your balsa wood Jesus Piece
    You dumb mixed up latch key kid
    Apologize or I come to your prom and steal your date’s goatee rugrat

  8. King James Says:


    Niggas got team up (mask up)

    How original

  9. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    I’m corny but you funny
    Fuck outta here gayR
    If you ain’t comment for a year nobody would notice
    You suck at this
    Bandwagon jumping nigga
    Find a next movement to dickride yung clown shoes
    They wave is OVER

  10. b Says:

    Curious george > krusty the clown

  11. King James Says:

    Brandon and AR must be cousins

  12. b Says:

    Stop melting big crumb

  13. Free J Says:

    kanye west ft brandon – dear mama (how come your not here)

  14. b Says:

    Queen lame never upped a bitch always dick riding screen names and rappers he might be gay yall

  15. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    This yung nigga so stupid he taking shots at A-1 who pose to be his boy
    You flaky little faggot
    I hate side switching niggers
    And you b switching like a bitch
    Up a pic of your burner and I might fall back lol

  16. Free J Says:

    juelz santana ft brandon – hey ma (i got pistachios)

  17. King James Says:

    Nigga said he has a problem with niggas shitting on b…do something then nigga

  18. b Says:

    why come ya forehead gave ya hairline a severance package tho

  19. Free J Says:

    lol b up a picture of YOU wit a bitch… stop worrying about other niggas dicks.

  20. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Now it’s big crumb lol
    Fuck is wrong with you acid reflux
    You goofy bitch
    Your e pops said clean your room
    Go boy!

  21. King James Says:

    Brandon you 36 and have no girl or kids

    Fall back nigga

  22. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Gay R jelly get yo yung wooden soldier ass back in dis ring bwoy

  23. Harlem World: My hoe$ they do drug$ Says:


    if you get ya bandz up
    my niccas throw ya hands up!


    “im feeelin iiiiit”

  24. b Says:

    Why come ya forehead told ya hairline to ride in the back of the bus tho free j? why come?

  25. Free J Says:

    brandon gets no girls. he most be going thru some turbulent times…. lemme find out MY comments offend u and that nigga whio admits to smokin crack.

    spin shit about me or over exaggerate but ur fails is documented.

  26. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Why come you spent dat whole 12k on backpage nigger?
    Go private or tip gold ass so and slow
    Use that 12 large to get them Landlord babies out your throat tuff guy

  27. King James Says:

    You were up at 4am responding to a screen-name on a rap blog brandon kill yourself

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    Nasty rodent bitch!

  28. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Bitchass Gay R crying his wooden S off
    Fuck hole you crawl into you little bird chest nigga
    Why u run boy

  29. Free J Says:

    aaaaah haaaaaaa im commentin and u cant do shit about it…N,I,G,G,E,R.

    typed it nice and big so you can see it you goddamn monkey.

  30. b Says:

    why come ya forehead pushed ya hairlines release date back tho

  31. Free J Says:

    thats what i thought pussies…i run this shit.

    Troll God.

  32. Free J Says:

    all u got is a hair line… i make fun of ur parents and dont feel guilty lol i got both of mine.

    your cousin aint gonna leave aaaaaaaah haaaaaaa

  33. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Why come yo bitch look like a Jersey Shore reject b?
    With Miracle Whip on her eyebrows?
    You fucking Snookie noodle mouth?

  34. King James Says:

    AR-Clip you stay on a niggas dick

    Go check yourself bro

  35. Casket Face Says:

    ***biggumskiller*** Says:
    June 28th, 2013 at 5:39 pm
    Angela Rye is so fine I almost wanna learn to read


    Looks + Brains + just enough ghetto snap >>>>>>>>>>>>

    She’d make a nigga sign those walking papers for real….

  36. Free J Says:

    brandon if u died right now i’d laugh hysterically, no bullshit.

  37. why? Says:

    yall a bunch of clowns. Arguing on a online comment section and killing time.

    It’s the fucking summer….

  38. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    <<<goes to re roll and listen to tony yayo mixtape
    I be back when some real comp show up
    AR you bitch.

  39. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Tole you Cas
    Freej hold ’em drown

  40. King James Says:

    1 min ago
    yall a bunch of clowns. Arguing on a online comment section and killing time.

    It’s the fucking summer….


    This nigga aint lying…I’m out

    *daps* free j, hw, bsk, casket

  41. Free J Says:

    1 min ago
    yall a bunch of clowns. Arguing on a online comment section and killing time.

    It’s the fucking summer….


    This nigga aint lying…I’m out



  42. b Says:

    Free j arguing wit the b mask

    Who run it?

  43. b Says:

    He wishing death on me

    To my mask

    I hurt feelings

  44. b Says:

    The real b why come free j hairline a procrastinator tho why come?

  45. b Says:

    Why come free j hairline unfashionably late tho yall why come?

  46. b Says:

    He started his day saying he would ignore me lol

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