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Video: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Bar MitzVah

Gensu Dean and Planet Asia drop a visual for ‘Bar MitzVah’ from the joint project Abrasions.

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3 Responses to “Video: Gensu Dean & Planet Asia – Bar MitzVah”

  1. A-1 Says:

    I imagine Clintonomic$ havn da same effect on da south as illmatic had on da north…I’m anticipatn changn da demographic! Shuttn da city down 4 an hour & some change & have half ass rappers scrambln tryna figure out dey next move lol smh maybe I’m trippn doe..BUT MAYBE IM NOT……

  2. A-1 Says:

    & normally I save da shit talkn 4 othas & jus show & prove wit da talent I was BLESSED wit…but my CONFIDENCE IS @ AN ALL TIME HIGH ABOUT DIS PROJECT! I’m tryna change da game mane..tell my story wit da cleverness & wittiness y’all have come 2 kno me 4…TRUST ME ON DIS ONE…DIS PROJECT WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!

    Shouts 2 Trill Tron & Frank White on GP! LETS MAKE HISTORY!

  3. A-1 Says:

    Sent ALL MY COMRADES an email! Checc da fucc in! Lmao

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