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Video: Chance The Rapper – Live @ SOBs

Last night, Chance The Rapper performed at SOBs as part of Hot 97’s Whos Next concert series. Here is a recap of the night, courtesy of XZone’s David Downer.

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One Response to “Video: Chance The Rapper – Live @ SOBs”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Nah I ain’t lustin’ for no nigga, I’m just sayin’ son is mad diesel in person, look like he on roids …white niggas don’t be gettin’ that buff unenhanced.

    That nigga look like a super hero, it wasn’t no half ass workout, that nigga might both a nutritionist and trainer. I dunno it just motivated me to cut this break short.

    I reached my plateau in April so I’m taking 8 weeks off.

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