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Vince Staples – Stuck In My Ways (Prod. by Larry Fisherman)

Before Vince Staples releases his joint project with Larry Fisherman aka Mac Miller tomorrow, he decides to give us one last leak.

Props: Billboard

Previously: Vince Staples ft. Ab-Soul – Killin Y’all (Prod. by Larry Fisherman)

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5 Responses to “Vince Staples – Stuck In My Ways (Prod. by Larry Fisherman)”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Thursday 20 June 2013
    Fantastic Vol. 3

    €16.80 …that’s roughly $26 American and like 30 cents.

    This is the size of the place…

    Let’s be real …it holds about 300 people, $26 x 300 = 7800

    …which he’s spliting with 2 other acts. That’s $2600

    $50 short of what I said he gets paid already last post.
    I know what I’m talking bout.

    But fuc

  2. Casket Face Says:

    *k it

  3. 007 Says:


  4. b Says:

    Did king flames just compare me to a female pornstar?

    this place gets weirder ev-er-y day yay

  5. Free J Says:

    How much is my s/n worth to u??? Hundreds of comments??

    Whooooooooose world is this?

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