Video: Bas ft. J. Cole & KQuick – Lit

Off Quarter Water Raised Me Vol 2 out now.

Previously: J. Cole – Dollar & A Dream Tour Vlog (Atlanta & Baltimore)

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9 Responses to “Video: Bas ft. J. Cole & KQuick – Lit”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    Shit was freaking me out, he looks like Rick Ross sounds like Drake, my mind couldn’t compute.

  2. Casket Face Says:

    Cole KILLED THAT SHIT …My nigga Cole went IN.

    Free J why don’t you pay J Cole to take your song and make it his cause you soft and weak as fuck for a verse?

  3. Free J Says:

    lol aaaaah poor casket… b or whoever the fuck that was clowned you and forced you to EXPLAIN yaself

  4. Casket Face Says:

    Where all the half breed jokes? Yall usually cracking jokes on mixed niggas …where all the mix nigga jokes?


    *aims infrared beam in mouse your hole smiling*

  5. Free J Says:

    you know…kinda liek this

  6. Casket Face Says:

    *aims infrared beam in your mouse hole smiling*

  7. Free J Says:

    casket tell me more about ya young party mouf…. it is 9pm on the east coast and u aint eatin dinner wit the wife and kids? ya son want to be a ballerina, twinkle toes…

    nigga u look so goofy in ya pics u dress liek cap’n crunch

  8. Casket Face Says:

    Naw …where the mixed nigga jokes?

  9. Casket Face Says:

    LOL …so that means you was on my dick at 6am… I was on Nah Right since 9am this morning.

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