Video: Marco Polo Breaks Down Tracks From PA2: The Director’s Cut

Marco Polo breaks down a few tracks from his upcoming album PA2: The Director’s Cut for FUSE’s The Mixdown. First he speaks on how “G.U.R.U.”, his tribute to the late Keith Elam, came together with Preemo and Talib Kweli. Then he previews a couple of album cuts: a posse cut called “Astonishing” which features Large Professor, Inspectah Deck, O.C., Tragedy Khadafi and DJ Revolution, and “West Coast Love” with MC Eiht and King Tee. He also speaks briefly on his vinyl collection and why those records are important to him. PA2 is due out next month.

Previously: Marco Polo – Newport Authority 2 (Mixtape) | Marco Polo ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Lil Fame, Adrian Younge & The Delfonics – Stand Up (Remix)

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87 Responses to “Video: Marco Polo Breaks Down Tracks From PA2: The Director’s Cut

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