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U-God ft. GZA & Jackpot Scotty Wotty – Heads Up

U-God teams up with GZA and Jackpot Scotty Wotty for the first single off his upcoming album Keynote Speaker dropping on July 23rd

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5 Responses to “U-God ft. GZA & Jackpot Scotty Wotty – Heads Up”

  1. F YOU PAY ME! Says:

    Rap is a black art form

    You feel otherwise eat a fuckin dick

    Makin sampled beats Black art form

    You feel otherwise eat a fuckin dick

    Choppin elevator music fuckin brazllian guitars or anything u can think of and making it HIP HOP is a BLACK cultureFaggot



    DJ’ING REAL DJing not that cracker shit wit a fuckin mac book no fuck boy two turn tables and scratching BLACK CULTURE


    Fuckin clown

    Get the fuck out my culture you white piece of shit

  2. Free J Says:

    4 mins ago
    Brandon Stevens isn’t logged on

    He won

    ^cmon why mask up at this point


    Basically… Brandon and winning dont be in the same sentence unless the word never is snuggled between the 2.

  3. B Says:

    No Shots, Like Stray Dogs
    2 wks, 5 days ago
    I lost . I can deal with it. Either way I see it, I dont think Im creative enough to create conjure up enough shit to rival the ammo free j had on me.

    I even found myself singing a few bars lol

    I still think Im better but not in this battle.

    I forgot free j studied eminem lol

  4. Casket Face Says:

    See, the notion you’re not grasping is people change with time, some people learn from experiences and GROW. So digging up some comments from the past attempting to shame me WOULD WORK, IF I was attempting to conceal it in efforts to advance from the deception.

    I photoshopped bank accounts ON A BLOG’s comment section in desperation, and frustration to appear something I’m not for approval and respect. It was shameful and weak shit, I even tried to cover it up with denial. I was in a bad place mentally, one that would motivate me to brag about spending money on an expensive hotel and champagne even though I live below the poverty.

    Again I thank you for trying to demean me, emasculate me and embarrass me. I really felt like Neo dying on that hotel room floor… but it was in my death I learned I am MORE. MORE than just a man, MORE than someone who chooses to let money define his purpose. I am so much MORE and I sincerley thank you for helping me grow.

    I only hope you TOO will grow, evolve and choose not to be the loser ass clown that you are.

    Thank you for revealing to me that money is the smallest part of this equation and I get to where I need to be without it.

  5. RLW Says:

    U Gods flow was kinda nice on this

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