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Video: Kendrick Lamar – Verge Campus Tour Pt. 2

In part 2 of On The Road with Kendrick: Verge Campus Tour, watch as K.Dot shares his daily tour regime from working out to creating in the studio bus – special cameos included.

Previously: Video: Kendrick Lamar Interview w/ DJ Semtex | Video: Kendrick Lamar – “Backseat Freestyle” & “Don’t Kill My Vibe” (Live in San Diego)

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109 Responses to “Video: Kendrick Lamar – Verge Campus Tour Pt. 2”

  1. general glamour Says:

    Gracyanne Barbosa >>>>>>

    she might be a wee bit too buff but omg !

  2. general glamour Says:

    kendrick is like the mini west coast version of lupe

    if you think about it

    think about it

  3. Rajon Trondo Says:

    WHattup cp..

  4. general glamour Says:

    a lupe n kendrick track could be super ill

    lupe saw what kendrick did to jigga

    n lupe can rap his ass off

  5. general glamour Says:

    * daps trondo *

  6. Rajon Trondo Says:

    U get to see the candy cigs cover I posted a few threads back?

  7. general glamour Says:

    yea i did catch that

    it looks ill

    it’s really happening huh ?

  8. general glamour Says:

    wow this game started quick

    already a technical

    tron after some time

    are there still a lot of lebron fans in ohio ?

    are they rooting against him or for him by now ?

  9. Rajon Trondo Says:

    There are some Lbj fans ..

    It’s hard to hate when He’s just so fucking Great..

    I respect his game, i hate his guts..that pretty much sums it up

  10. general glamour Says:

    I respect his game, i hate his guts..that pretty much sums it up



  11. general glamour Says:

    a lot of movies getting panned this summer

    after earth … hangover 3 … great gatsby … now you see me …

    everyone ive talked to has said fast n furious is ill though

    this movie with seth rogen … iunno …

  12. Rajon Trondo Says:

    And yes, I’m ecstatic to say..

    Candy cigs is really happening ..

    This Tuesday, actually ..

    Been sending emails all day promoting this shit..

    I meant to upload the bonus track we sent out today so I could post it here, and I forgot

  13. Rajon Trondo Says:

    I need someone who’s not on a mobile device to up that for me..

    Unless tss or onsmash already have it up

  14. general glamour Says:

    i can switch to the laptop to do that

    what ya need me to do ?

  15. general glamour Says:

    paul george is kind of a beast

  16. general glamour Says:

    im tripping its already june

    where does the time go !?!?

  17. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Well cp, I would need your email address, but I have a feeling that isn’t feasable

  18. general glamour Says:

    Gracyanne Barbosa >>>>>>


    editors of thefilmoflife.com and roll da dice tumblrs

    this woman deserves a post

  19. general glamour Says:

    Rajon Trondo
    1 min ago

    Well cp, I would need your email address, but I have a feeling that isn’t feasable


    roffs nah

    no dummy email at the moment

  20. Rajon Trondo Says:

    If u have a dummy email or can create one, i Can fw the email and It’s attatchments to u, and u can upload the song and post the link here ..

  21. general glamour Says:



    how can God not exist ?

  22. general glamour Says:

    i might could do that

    filling the info for new email is so tedious tho

    would there be any downfalls for creating a dummy email for the sea section n posting the password on here ?

    i meant a wayward individual could delete emails but other than that ?

  23. general glamour Says:



    lets get it

  24. general glamour Says:



    i dont work for eskay just make duckets for him lol

  25. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Man if u can type, it takes 2 mins …

    But the community email thing is a good idea in theory … someone will fuck it up tho

  26. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Appreciate it cp..

    I actually just got my homie to do it.. Sorry to waste your time..

    B-ease “destroy & rebuild ” dropping in ten mins

  27. general glamour Says:

    ill be proud of indiana if they push this to game 7

    helluva run

  28. 007 Says:



    u r a homo

  29. Rajon Trondo Says:


    Brian Ennals “destroy & rebuild”

  30. 007 Says:

    i’ve seen trannies that look more feminin than that thing u posted

    are u trying to tell us something “general glamour”

  31. general glamour Says:

    no doubt

  32. 007 Says:

    stop spamming the c section with trash music no one cares about

  33. general glamour Says:


    i really hope that aint fralphabet …

  34. 007 Says:

    cali is the party capital & u spendin yr saturday nights posting pictures of trannies in the c section

    nah right ?

  35. general glamour Says:

    yup definitely frankie


    it does not stop for this guy

  36. general glamour Says:

    keep going

    i guess this is how your “legacy” had to end right ?

    as a mask of yourself


  37. general glamour Says:

    the tracks cool tron

    b-ease is coming with it

  38. 007 Says:

    u r attracted to many looking women & u spend yr saturday night conversing with strange men on the internet, we would let u join the troll gang if u wernt so pathetic

  39. general glamour Says:


  40. general glamour Says:

    brazilian thick >>>>>

    i don’t like flabby fat booties

    them firm thighs >>>>>

    type of chick to put you in a figure four leg lock >>>>>

    im spending all this time in the gym your ass better be too

  41. 007 Says:

    lol wat is that photoshopped cover supposed to prove ?

    u already exposed yrself

  42. general glamour Says:


    * throws in the towel *

    (c) hdubbs

    hdubbs had the vision … brazil … braaaaaaziiiillll …

  43. TS-LTE Says:


    The real Double 0 emailed me to let me knew that he hasn’t been the one shooting at you. He said that it was the masks. All his shit been compromised.

    Whatever that’s said to you from the double 0 masks, ain’t him bro.

    Trust me. I talked to him. And he ain’t posted since Wednesday.

  44. general glamour Says:

    roffs you made me laugh with that one

    niggas is silly


    i made this video in my spare time as well

    paid the extras in lil b cds

  45. 007 Says:

    don’t like flabby fat booties

    them firm thighs >>>>>

    type of chick to put you in a figure four leg lock >>>>>

    im spending all this time in the gym your ass better be too


    welp, at least u r honest with yr homosexuality

    has disgusting as it is the troll gang appreciates honesty,

    u r the frank ocean jason collins of nah right , the troll gang respects u for coming forward

  46. general glamour Says:

    Trust me. I talked to him. And he ain’t posted since Wednesday.


    you always keep it a hundred with me ts

    and i 100% believe this is what you believe in your heart

    but this line i just cannot believe

    what about when the various frankie masks were sending a-1 n hw emails and they were responding ?

  47. general glamour Says:

    this is the same guy who pretending to be a racist greek frat boy adolescent

    ts you are THE best character witness on nah

    but homeboy has a shattered record

    and even his homeboy a-1 admitted i caught frankie trying to frame me with the b mask with “becuz”

    thats his homeboy that admitted that

  48. TS-LTE Says:

    Before or after Wednesday?

  49. 007 Says:



    no hips, Arnold Schwarzenegger thighs, fake ass, fake breasts, strong jawline & “she’s” from brazil the leader in transgender operations(c) the un

    whatever floats yr boat the troll gang doesnt hate faggots, we find them disgusting but we dont hate them

  50. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Ts, u peep that link I posted?

  51. general glamour Says:

    TS-LTE Says:
    June 1st, 2013 at 9:53 pm
    Before or after Wednesday?


    the framing me as b verified by a-1 was before wednesday

    but frankie has been telling a-1 and hw to check their email as recent as thursday night

  52. 007 Says:

    TS-LTE for someone with law & engineering degrees u r incredibly naive

  53. general glamour Says:



    if you’re hating on this …

    then you might wanna look in the mirror first …

    you probably like them fat bitches and throw a “thick” tag on em

    go fuck a pig

    now thats disgusting

  54. general glamour Says:

    and honestly i can’t see the kid frankie of nahright taking 3-4 off nah

    not even for mask fuckery

    no retirement letter or nothing ?


    that had to be him as birdman that night

    no one can copy a niggas writing style that closely

    depicted the vivid emotion he would have felt at that moment

    either that was frankie or denzel washington commenting

  55. general glamour Says:

    lebron <<<<

    6'8 275 flopping

    man up g

    michael n kobe wasn't flopping and they half your size

  56. general glamour Says:

    dwayne wade n chris bosh nonexistent

    miami throwing away the ball

    GOD is giving this game and possibly the series to pacers


  57. 007 Says:

    general glamour stop watching porn & try getting a real women

    i can see by yr taste in women that yr already too far gone, this is how it starts manly lookin women then trannies then u already knows wat comes next

    stop before its too late, delete all those brazilian porn fetish videos u hav bookmarked & go to church

  58. general glamour Says:


    two things they say you shouldn’t trust

    a black man with no facial hair

    and a grown man who doens’t watch porn


    you’re exposing yourself

    keep going

  59. 007 Says:

    look at yr life, saturday nights spent talking to strange men on the internet whilst watching strong mascular men push & shove each other, running up & down the court

    trondo & ts i can understand, they are married & past their prime but u r only 22

  60. TS-LTE Says:

    Rajon Trondo
    15 mins ago
    Ts, u peep that link I posted?



    I’m so excited. At first I for kinda upset because aint no one call me, but then I understood.

    I can’t wait man. I’ve been holdings containment.

  61. general glamour Says:

    lmao !

    you made me laugh again with that one

    you heating up no homo


    – no brazilian booties

    – no porn

    – no sports watching

    comment game neil patrick harris

    i’ll let you tell it

    keep going

  62. 007 Says:

    two things they say you shouldn’t trust

    a black man with no facial hair

    and a grown man who doens’t watch porn


    neither doesn’t apply to me so take my advice

    u said it yrself time is flying & soon u’ll be just like b 30 years old bitchless & impotent

    i know wat it is yr dark & ugly so u dont think women will love u but as a married troll i can tell u there is someone out there for all of us

    even someone as facially challenged as yrself

    take heed the last thing the world needs is another homosexual black man

  63. general glamour Says:

    ahhhhh man

    now im dying

    im not sure if its frankie now he aint funny

    if this is really the troll gang tho

    switch to the herbal knit sn

  64. general glamour Says:

    nigga called himself a married troll


  65. general glamour Says:

    if i dont see the herbal knit sn

    its frankie or the real b fucking around

  66. ayo Says:

    Pussy boi troll gang always worried about other niggas and they lives

    You might be the gay one


  67. 007 Says:

    nothing wrong with porn but when yr in ya early 20’s & the only thing that turns u on is manly female brazilian fetish porn, than yr going down a dangerous road

  68. general glamour Says:

    its on 7:30 on the west coast tho

    it aint even dark yet

    if you commenting on the east why aint you fucking the wifey or at least taking her out for some pho ?

    or you one of them married men who doesn’t have sex and has a secret life/altered reality perhaps trolling an online site

    this when you aren’t in a dark room watching bbw porn all by yourself in a green bunny outfit

    no shots just wanna know who’s giving me advice

  69. GMLLZ Says:

    ayo u r the troll gang lackey yr opinion doesnt matter

  70. general glamour Says:

    that ain’t troll gang

    no herbal knit sn

    you can’t fool a real nigga

    thats either frankie or b

    im thinking b cus he’s funny tonight

  71. general glamour Says:

    10:30 on the east coast worried about other men’s sexuality ?

    smh frankie/b

  72. GMLLZ Says:

    looks like i hit a nerve

    don’t melt just take the advice & apply it to ya life, u’ll thank me later

  73. hl Says:

    Troll game Dr Phill

  74. general glamour Says:

    nerve ?

    i just admitted you got me loling

    i just wanna know the background of the person giving me advice

    where is the herbal knit sn tho ?

  75. ayo Says:

    I will smack the shit out of you pussy boi trolls

    You dont want no problems

    You just wanna keep it online

    faggot troll

  76. general glamour Says:

    no herbal knit sn ?

    only so long fake trolls can pretend (c) troll gang

  77. herbal kint Says:

    this when you aren’t in a dark room watching bbw porn



    also i’m not on the east coast, hell i might not even be in the country

  78. general glamour Says:


    so this is troll gang !

    what happened to my legend pass ?

    i just want to know so i know whether to get ready for war

    regroup n strategize

  79. general glamour Says:

    pacers get tentatize n nervous in close games late

    not a championship characteristic …

  80. herbal kint Says:

    ayo up that addy lets see if i wont bring it to ya doorstep

    u ain’t nothing but the troll gang lapdog, a tax write off , u our lil chuckee

  81. general glamour Says:

    general isn’t a first name

    its a ranking

    a mindset

    patton … macarthur …

    that caliber

  82. herbal kint Says:

    general glamour u cool with us, but don’t ever get it twisted anyone can get it but u already know, seeing as u mask up from time to time

  83. sealsaa Says:

    Paul George disappears and reappears at the oddest times. They need Danny Granger back.

  84. ayo Says:

    Yo Nate

    You know who I is and you got my info

    Try me

  85. general glamour Says:

    oh i know anyone can get it

    i just made the most of my pass

    no permanent friends

    but as you can see im not a good enemy to have

    fair warning …

  86. ayo Says:

    oh and fuck that pussy boi drake

    Niggas BEEN actors

  87. general glamour Says:

    roffs @ if troll gang was nation

  88. herbal kint Says:

    up that addy u dirty wet back

  89. sealsaa Says:

    Two techs. Indy has no excuse now.

  90. general glamour Says:

    hibbert’s technique n footwork >>>>

    no homo

  91. general glamour Says:

    damn so

    truth serum n frankie

    that’s a better resume than most commentors

    better resume than most legends shit

    trolls can’t be legends

    but damn if you aren’t already a legendary troll

    you visible

  92. general glamour Says:

    yo dwayne wade just been riding lebrons wave for the past two-three years



    showing up at opportune times to be the hero lol

    i see the tactics

  93. general glamour Says:

    just gotta close it out …

  94. herbal kint Says:

    believe it or not all those bodies were team efforts

    troll gang is a army

    stay close

  95. ayo Says:

    Use that technology faggot troll

    You know, the same technology you use to rip off banks

    Pussy boi troll

  96. general glamour Says:

    you keep saying that

    but i called for herbal knit and he came popped up like nothing

    unless you guys got team uniforms and troll gang walkie talkies

  97. general glamour Says:

    no homo at came popped up

    poz poz

  98. sealsaa Says:

    Assuming they even make it at this point, Miami has no chance against San Antonio. Lebron’s the only one that shows up consistently. Ginobli and Parker and Duncan show up every night. And if they’re getting bullied this badly by Indy’s bigs, what chance do they have against The Spurs vets?

  99. general glamour Says:

    who would guard lebron tho ?

    at least paul george can play solid d on him

    lebron would run wild on spurs

    and not to mention revenge factor

    but hopefully we dont get to find out

  100. herbal kint Says:

    i put in a handful of comments during the 72 hr weekend, there were at least 3 people commenting under the b mask

    furthermore i dont use the b, jerrida, frankie masks, if u believe there is only one troll u r sadly mistaken

  101. herbal kint Says:

    the game is over i’m off to fuck my wife

    as for ayo u live off the scraps that fall off the troll gang table don’t ever try to bite the hand that feeds u

  102. ayo Says:

    Like niggas dont know your fuck ass circle

    Circle of pussy boi trolls

  103. ayo Says:

    You dont feed me fucboi troll

    Move along

  104. general glamour Says:

    http:/ /fabwags.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/roy-hibbert-images-girlfriend . jpg

    http:/ /fabwags.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/roy-hibbert-girlfriends . jpg


    hibberts got a white looker tho …

    sisters prolly heated

  105. general glamour Says:

    troll gang representative

    you are removing the mystique

    you might as well become a regular commentor now

    with the bodies on your gun you would have a promising future

  106. general glamour Says:

    ayo vs. the troll gang >>>>

    has potential

  107. general glamour Says:

    ayo vs. bsk >>>>

    ayo vs. a-1 >>>>

    lmao niggas is fools

  108. general glamour Says:

    we can’t post hyperlinks straight up no more ?

    eskay cleaning up ?

  109. general glamour Says:

    everytime they count dwade out … he comes back with a vengeance tho …

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