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Wale Plays a Snippet of the “Bad” Remix ft. Rihanna

During his interview with Hot 97 this morning, Wale revealed that he’d be replacing Tiara Thomas with Rihanna on the official remix to his single “Bad”. During a visit to Sway in the Morning, he pulled out his phone and played a snippet.

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6 Responses to “Wale Plays a Snippet of the “Bad” Remix ft. Rihanna”

  1. general glamour Says:

    SEATTLE — Washington state businessmen who say they’re trying to create the first national brand of marijuana received some heartfelt support Thursday from the former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox.

    Fox appeared at a news conference in Seattle, where he recounted how the war on drugs has ravaged his country and praised the states of Washington and Colorado for voting to legalize the recreational use of marijuana last fall.

    At the news conference, former Microsoft manager Jamen Shively discussed his plans to launch a new marijuana brand named for his great-great grandfather, Diego Pellicer. He says his company is joining forces with a Washington state chain of medical marijuana dispensaries run by John Davis, the Northwest Patient Resource Center, as well as dispensaries in Colorado and California.

    Shively’s planned investment will total $100 million over three years, according to the Stranger.

    “This historic step today is to be observed and evaluated closely by all of us, because it is a game changer,” Fox said. “I applaud this group that has the courage to move ahead. They have the vision, they are clear where they’re going, and I’m sure they’re going to get there.”


    rip to the competition

  2. rex hussla Says:

    I don’t know what it is, but whenever I see your face I want to punch it (c) Wale

  3. general glamour Says:

    there’s gonna be a 10% tax on weed in colorado

    the first $100 million i believe goes to school funding

    taking care of the seeds with drug money sounds a lot like a rapper like

  4. general glamour Says:

    rapper line*

  5. general glamour Says:

    in colorado they have to sell high times n other marijuana magazines from behind the counter like porno mags lol

    haven’t touched thc going on 4 months so im just observing

  6. why? Says:

    chris brown > wale

    fuckboi extraordinaire

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