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No Yeezus Pre-orders?

A.P.C. founder and Kanye West cronie Jean Touitou tweeted out this flyer last night, which if correct, would mean that there will be no online pre-orders for the Yeezus LP. Which doesn’t mean much in this era of digital downloads, except that the album probably won’t leak early and people who still buy CDs will have to leave their house if they want it on release day.

The flyer is also interesting because it features what appears to be an alternate iteration of the LP cover. It remains to be seen if Kanye and Def Jam will employ any of the release strategies they used to roll out Watch The Throne, which was available for pre-order, but was exclusive to iTunes and Best Buy for a short period before hitting other retailers.

Check out the full flyer after the jump.

Spotted: TSS

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