IZA ft. Snoop Lion – Brand New Start

Not only is Snoop set to appear on 4 new episodes of OG Soap Opera One Life To Live this week, he also co-produced and appears on the show’s new theme song alongside his artist IZA.

Look for Snoop’s OLTL cameos on the May 28th, May 30th, June 4th and June 6th episodes.

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5 Responses to “IZA ft. Snoop Lion – Brand New Start”

  1. b Says:

    You over 30 payin rent…yo fuck ass rent cost more than your living room set..shut the fuck up the kid frankie you dont got no money yung clutch bag log off yung in the closet SN…mens pants make you glance thats a fact…shut up and drink this ether milk!

  2. b Says:

    Gulp this ether milk bitch! Why come you talk this mobey shit yo hoe ass live in apartment you usin coin operated laundry machines fuck ass lame cant even wash clothes in his own house fuck ass pussy gotta wash clothes in his parents house like he still in college log off clown ass fuck boy

  3. A-1 Says:

    Look @ cool & dre..dem niggas had 2 move out west 2 stay relevant..jus thank bacc like when dey 1st start bubbln & look @ now smh I would b kinna hot 2

  4. 007 Says:

    Troll gang ran that bitch ass nigga franklin outta here, 7 years of lies & spin have finally come to an end

    *troll walks*

    *throws up troll signs*

  5. Harlem World Says:

    khaled used to run with fat joe & terror squad over 10 years ago

    he put cool & dre on

    had joe & wayne collabin on every other track

    but now he reppin ymcmb tudda graveyard

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