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Vintage Video: The Beatnuts & Big Pun Perform @ The Rocksteady 20th Anniversary

In this latest #50DaysToThe50MCs webisode from Tony Touch, we see Pun and The ‘Nuts performing “Off The Books” at the Rocksteady 20th Anniversary celebration back in 1996. Check out Pun’s energy while performing, he was a big dude but your man was light on his feet. Also includes footage of the legendary Crazy Legs doing his thing.

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6 Responses to “Vintage Video: The Beatnuts & Big Pun Perform @ The Rocksteady 20th Anniversary”

  1. The Architek Says:

    JDS there is plenty ether milk to go around. Dont sit here an act like that bitch you in love with dont rock a taco bell uniform and matching visor puttin in 29 hrs a week at a KFC/Taco Bell spot. I seent that bitch before .. Watch yo fuck ass mouth.



  2. Harlem World Says:

    beatnuts >>>>

    pun >>>>

    ny rap jazz sound of 91-96 >>>

    ny flow pre 2005 >>>

  3. 007 Says:

    Young Ray Cash Gay Ass

    Young Burlington Coat PearlsInMyThroat Factory

    Young BoofSeamen

    Young Top Gun Bunk

    Young Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

    Young “Your Secret’s Safe with Me”

    Young Serve and Protect Sperm on My Neck

    “Thanks for posting my videos since eskay won’t!”

    – Young Discharge Papers

  4. 007 Says:


    Ole Ray Malcolm ShaCash X bumping my music pimp in my own fuckin mind face ass muthfucka.

    Take that .25 cent machine jewelry off, before a stick up kid shoot you for wasting his time.


  5. 007 Says:


    “Suck a straight cock…whoa
    that’s gay hip-hop for you niggas”

    RIP Justin Martin 1-31-2013

  6. Gob Bluth Says:

    Timbs & shorts >>

    might bring it back for da summer

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