Master P – Letter To My Daddy

Ahead of Father’s Day next month, P dedicates some bars to Pop dukes.

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One Response to “Master P – Letter To My Daddy”

  1. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Hey yo Cheif Keef
    I know you can’t read
    So have one of those wild 100 niggas get his grandma to read this to you
    This the chorus to your new song
    It goes like this:

    Got that Mac eleven
    So I don’t worry
    That little mil I got?
    Nigga you know it’s buried
    I stay with dime bitches
    Halle Berry
    I got that coke nigga!
    Katy Perry
    Bang bang nigga
    So I never worry
    That fucking mil I got?
    Nigga you know it’s bury
    I stay with dimes nigga
    Halle Berry
    And got that white girl
    Katy Perry

    You can rap it or sing it Keith
    But you gon have to break bread

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