Pusha T & Fabolous “Life Is So Exciting” Tickets + Meet & Greet In Montreal (Contest)

Pusha T and Fab are hitting Montreal next Thursday and we’re giving away a pair of tickets and a chance to meet both rappers at the show.

The rules to enter are very simple, read below:

Share the picture on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #TheLifeIsSoExcitingTourMTL and tag @definitely_nah @DefJamRecords to win a pair of tickets and a chance to meet Pusha T and Fabolous in Montreal on May 30th.

Winners will be announced on the @definitely_nah Twitter & Instagram and can pick up the tickets at the Club Soda will call.

Make sure to follow Nah Right on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on any news/giveaways in the future.

UPDATE: Contest is closed. Thank you for participating.

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10 Responses to “Pusha T & Fabolous “Life Is So Exciting” Tickets + Meet & Greet In Montreal (Contest)”

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    That last free j verse wasnt bad, the lands daughter one lol

    How the fuck I LOSE TO FREE J? LMAO


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  4. Gob Bluth Says:

    lol @ the yearn

  5. b Says:

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  6. King James Says:

    Release some free jcole tickets nahright!

  7. b Says:

    Lol @ you fuckin with hideous swagless bitches but expect us to believe you be in the hamptons with models

  8. b Says:

    Lol @ your father being killed , your mother being robbed and your brother being gun butted

  9. b Says:

    Freej 3-0 ank 1-0

  10. Free J Says:

    b stop yearning… u seem wild aggy right now. It’s like everyone is tryin to have an intervention and u lashed out

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