Gucci Mane – Trap House III (Album Stream)

Gucci is selling the latest installment in his Trap House series, but he’s providing a full stream through Bandcamp for your perusal. If you’re fucking with it, click through and purchase for $6.

Previously: Gucci Mane ft. Young Dolph & Young Scooter – Muddy

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11 Responses to “Gucci Mane – Trap House III (Album Stream)”

  1. A-1 Says:

    No Shots, Like Stray Dogs
    11 mins ago

    > I feel like they hit the nail on the head.
    Ok I hear em but why is he relayn his new shit 2 his ole shit like a nigga can’t change..I’ont feel dat nor respect it smmfh

  2. A-1 Says:

    The message wit da Scarface sample in da beginning>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. AR-Clip Says:


  4. Free J Says:

    for all i know he could be clicking his own song 60000 times lol


    Idiot. Google Adsense would catch that shit. It’s in the contract that u have to electronically sign. If u use view bots (I dunno even kno how) or keep clickin ur own shit u can have ur account terminated. I get paid on my real channel and I have REAL fans…so try again, dumbass.

  5. AR-Clip Says:

    I like em in all colors. Milk chocolate

  6. A-1 Says:

    Hov & Bleek performing Coming of Age in da Tunnel & Bleek throwing da G in da crowd>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  7. AR-Clip Says:

    I ain’t worried about nothing!!

  8. King James Says:


    Yeah Joey said something about wanting to come up on his own regarding the Roc Nation rejection

    I remember hearing about it in an interview and I think he talks about the situation on the breakfast club

  9. Free J Says:

    Joey wanted more money than roc nation was offering lol I seem the interview on the breakfast club and somewhere else where waka flocka was bein interviewed at the same time.

    That and he said it on that song 1-train

  10. AR-Clip Says:

    I need a loan out here u know I’m broke lol

  11. AR-Clip Says:

    Nosign Joey

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