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Video: Arrest Warrant Issued For Tim Dog

Did Tim Dog really die in February as was widely reported at the time? That’s the question at the center of the ongoing saga of the controversial Bronx MC. It’s no secret that Tim was the mastermind behind several scams and at the time of his alleged death he owed over $2 million in restitution to various people that he gamed out of their money over the years.

Last week, it was reported that one of Tim’s victims, Esther Pilgrim, does not believe the story of the Rapper’s demise and is convinced that he is still out there somewhere, in hiding to avoid his huge mountain of debt.

Now Mississippi prosecutor Steven Jubera has convinced a judge to issue an arrest warrant for for the allegedly deceased MC. Neither Jubera, or Channel 3 News in Memphis, have been able to locate a death certificate for Tim or find any record of his death whatsoever.

“I need proof,” said Jubera. “I need a death certificate showing that’s he’s dead because as far as I’m concerned, he’s alive.”

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10 Responses to “Video: Arrest Warrant Issued For Tim Dog”

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  2. AmpGeez a.k.a. Amphernee Hardaway Says:

    Tim Dog = Real Nigga

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  10. Lex! Says:

    Tim Dog is a legend i love Ultra even tho he’s like a Ultra-affiliate

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