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Melo-X – Mojitos and Little Dragon

Melo liberates the firts release from his upcoming EP, GOD:HiFi. Smooooove shit.

Previously: MeLo-X – Light + Space

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3 Responses to “Melo-X – Mojitos and Little Dragon”

  1. B Says:

    U thirsty nigga yo lips chapped, where ya girl, where yo bitch at
    U 30 somethin where yo kids at, where yo car where where yo crib at
    Beat stolen, come get that, Weed gone, Sick pinched that
    Life gave u a bitch slap, Frankie told u commit that
    Ya family poor, eat lunchables, yall fight each other to get snacks
    Prepaid minutes phone, for call and text u gotta split that
    U and ya cousin in the same boat….BAD, hangin that rainbow….FLAG
    Tryin to act like u aint no fag, look to land but he aint yo dad
    I jus wanna help you get a nickel, cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle
    Cooked well done, no pink in the middle, or 7 eleven sellin gas and skittles
    But u jus wanna be little and then get belittled
    This is the truth but it riddles it rhymes
    Picture me tryin…diss tracks, put razor blades where yo wrists at
    That noose and neck, jus kick that…chair, that’ll be my gift back to nah
    Yo beat I ripped that…fuck yo bitch ass

  2. Free J Says:

    @b – yo sit ya punk ass back in the bleachers…

    @bsk – yo how that artwork comin along?

  3. Free J Says:

    The nerve of this guy…thinks its safe to comment once I disappear.

    you 0-3 lil old nigga.

    Anyways y’all be easy… Bsk email me u lazy fuck lol (nhjic)

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