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Bas ft. J.Cole & KQuick – Lit

This appears on the new Quarter Water Raised Me Vol.2 mixtape from Bas, available now.

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6 Responses to “Bas ft. J.Cole & KQuick – Lit”

  1. AR-Clip Says:

    Niggas claim I only got 4’s and 5’s, but where I’m from niggas love them 4-5’s, but still bust them 9’s
    Where I’m from niggas is animals, lions in the jungle
    U food if you caught slipping, in the wrong habitat,
    U from a city full of stillborn, blonde patches and ankle tatts, no friends, so who riding with you when its time for combat

    Lavish lifestyle, what he claims to be bout, a picture says a thousand words no visual evidence of what he claims to be bout

    Up’d Ashley, she don’t know you dawg, 30+ calling yaself the kid we know you fraud, strong hate for Jordans so how he ball? Nah, nah checkout these air max dawg

    Keep it up you might a Nah plaque on the wall, only TGOD with an AARP card, running with a fake younger ID,
    Hand to hand , trigger play , black and yellow black yellow, he brass soft,

    I’m mean Joe greene, bitches nah he ain’t got em, arm niggas crotches yeah he spot em
    Ride wiz wave so much him and Harlem both got sore bottoms

    Only claim he got a little change , still can’t detach the lame from his name, no gems only fake Jews to the game, all he talk is dollars, dollars dollars, I’m here with the change.

    Why u didn’t want it with hardaway, u lame, tryna save face rather do it the mark way, karate chopping, slicing fictional bums we should call u sensai

    You’re a captain sav-a undercover hater shopping at H&M and you gangsta?

    Alpo, Mickey oh boy, Harlem better get Ole Boy ,He mad I’m shining like sun and he black as oil

    Them V necks exposing ya bra,
    from Harlem u suppose to be swagger up, moving the RAW, how u Harlem world and only known for what u type on the keyboard

    Niggas wake up with my name in they mouth,
    Didn’t make me, can’t break me, tag teaming tryna figure me out, outside of a couple suckas which niggas gone vouch

    Niggas typing all day we know you lifeless, 30+ why you wifeless, nothing to say man these niggas gay
    Harlem world like don’t talk about Frankie, he’s my E best friend
    Nothing can save you gone head and melt, suckas its time to.face ya E death.

  2. Harlem World Says:

    no way did you just melt like that lmao

    what happened to you nahrighters

    no respeckt for this clown or his 4’s & 5’s

  3. Harlem World Says:

    ar clip, i hate seein you suffer like this

    for the next 5 minutes i am willin to put you outta ya misery


    all you gotta do is fill in ya details

    and its yours to commit dat kurt cobain with

    yours to to take that one way trip to the other side with


  4. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


    He in his emotions

    “Frankie I don’t like you!”

  5. Harlem World Says:

    im willin to spend racks on ya

    like the lil smut you are

    come owwwn

    2 racks on ya

    be a good lil smut and take daddys present

    im trickin on ya

  6. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    This is almost as bad as the Joey bad ass lil’ b conflict
    AR and b verses Freej and Frankie and somehow HW who don’t rap
    No Sale
    Smoke some cookie dough and listen dis:


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