Video: B.o.B Interview w/ Rosenberg & Ebro

Shit gets heated when B.o.B’s management voices their displeasure with the lack of airplay he’s received at times to Ebro and Rosenberg. What follows is an interesting back and forth about the politics of Rap radio and artists who crossover to Top 40 stations but still seek validation from their original audience.

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9 Responses to “Video: B.o.B Interview w/ Rosenberg & Ebro”

  1. &What?! Says:

    With a hairstyle like that not surprised he gets 0 love

  2. Rajon Trondo Says:

    What kind of phone dubs …

  3. Jacques Derrida Says:

    Co Ebro

    BoB left negros behind and once dem whites stop copping his singles off of iTunes he wants play on Hot97 other urban stations.


  4. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Matter of fact dubbs, I don’t know that u can do that with the note app..

    U gotta get something specific to recording / uploading

    If u get a soundcloud account, u can record a sound and uploaD it

  5. &What?! Says:

    All I want is bitches, big booty bitches!

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    iPhone it won’t lemme do it from a CPU w/o I tunes

  7. Harlem World Says:

    rumors of me being the commenter named general glamour are ridiculous

    however should i ever pass the mink down to a commenter

    when i retire from the game and throw my jersey and shoestrangs up

    general glamour has permission to wear this former animal from the former soviet republic (ll)

  8. Harlem World Says:

    checcd in 00

  9. Harlem World Says:

    nhjic @ previous comment

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