TwoLetterz ft. Tree – Chi-Town Shit

TwoLetterz and Tree team up for the first single off the upcoming Chasing Dead People Vol. 4 mixtape.

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2 Responses to “TwoLetterz ft. Tree – Chi-Town Shit”

  1. 007 Says:

    Free J
    10 hrs, 25 mins ago
    I’m cool wit this man’s father fuck that u land’s daughter
    Whats ya damn problem ya punch lines should land harder
    Auntie ask u if u got a girlfriend, u cant bother
    Guess you gon be squeezing the lotion into ya hand longer
    The only time u wit a girl is that Rihanna beat
    Honestly, I remember u said u won’t respond to me
    I hurt u, ya pride and soul…u cant deny it
    I made u wanna upload ya little rap in private
    Brandon way too easy to body
    I’ll slap upside ya fuckin head and turn ya waves into a tsunami
    Aint nobody get offended by u
    U a candy cane, like girls but think guys are interesting too
    Yea don’t call my phone if it aint about makin money
    Sick translated that to my weed, take it from me
    Damn b…no video can’t see
    What u lookin like but I imagine Charles Ramsey

  2. 007 Says:


    Them words are that reality ether. That shit that makes you reflect on 30+ years of struggle… Free J…the nice guy…wit the white friends did that to you.

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