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Video: The Butcher’s Block Ep. 17: En Noir (CurT@!n$ & Rob Garcia)

For the latest episode of The Butcher’s Block, Frank sits down with CurT@!n$ and Rob Garcia, the minds behind the En Noir line.

Previously: Curt@!n$ ft. Pusha T – str8 up menace Re(up)mix

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3 Responses to “Video: The Butcher’s Block Ep. 17: En Noir (CurT@!n$ & Rob Garcia)”

  1. A-1 Says:

    12 mins ago
    If u mix..
    Da lyricism of a Nas..
    Da swagger/cocciness of a Jay-Z..
    Da wittiness of a Notorius BIG..
    Da emphasism of a 2Pac..
    Da self criticalism of a Scarface..
    Da social commentary of a Jay Elec..
    & da sheer rawness of a Shyne..

    What do u get..?

    Lol Comn Soon

    ^ this is pretty epic. you caught each ones standout characteristc

    as elfeces would say. Succinct.
    Gotta make it suspenseful lol but I REALLY studied da “game tapes” doe..I’m a student of da game..and actually I left a few out(da descriptive details of a Raekwon etc) but I ain’t wanna get 2 carried away lol

  2. A-1 Says:

    1st u figure out what makes an artist great 2 u..den u take dat & try 2 implement it into ya style BUT in ya own way..it sound simple but VERY difficult 2 nail it witout comn off like u bitn(see Action Bronson) but if u can pull it off I c longevity in dis game..u also had 2 come up in dat great era of hip hop as I did doe lol but yeah

  3. cOLD Says:

    da descriptive details of a Raekwon etc

    “it be like blue n cream”

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