Video: Gunplay – Bible On The Dash

Off Gunplay’s 601 & Snort tape.

Previously: Video: Gunplay Interview w/ HHS1987

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11 Responses to “Video: Gunplay – Bible On The Dash”

  1. S.I.K.H Says:

    S.I.K.H Says:
    May 16th, 2013 at 1:55 pm
    I focks wit Elzih, black milk,

    K.O.S. (Determination)

    He even owns a book store

    S.I.K.H Says:
    May 16th, 2013 at 1:57 pm
    Kweli is decent just too many projects.He makes music like hispanics reproduce.LOL

    He don`t allow you to miss him(II)

    Mos has other options,which is why I`m intrigued to hear what he did with Mannie Fresh

  2. TS-LTE Says:

    Owning a book store for the kids gotta make you feel like you got an S on ya chest.

    If I ever get a chance to have a bookstore…


    I’m retiring early, reading books for the rest of my life, and prolly become a pen historian or some rare shit like that.

  3. Plug Says:

    Im tellin yall

    just remember the name payroll giovanni

    he got the streetson fire up here

    and the producer Hellava?

    dude is bunkers

  4. Harlem World Says:

    TS-LTE Says:
    May 16th, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Owning a book store for the kids gotta make you feel like you got an S on ya chest.


  5. Harlem World Says:

    rich nicca doin coke is flashy

    broke nicca doin coke is a junkie

    i aint make these rules gunplay

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Dats why I roll wit da bible on da daaasshhhhh

  7. King James Says:

    Damn JR Smith got ethered by Rihanna


  8. Plug Says:

    cashout doughboyz “chances make champions” produced by hellava

    payroll giovanni goes first

    and get this… they actually know how to right hooks!

  9. Plug Says:

    these ninjas used the rocky balboa beat. hellava ignant for that

  10. King James Says:

    Jeezy got mad love for Detroit

  11. TS-LTE Says:

    I don’t know what’s doper, The Blast or Respiration.

    Hi-Tek freaked the shit outta both of em [Skerrr].

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