Video: Curren$y Brings Out Stalley & Smoke DZA @ B.B. Kings

Here is a recap of Curren$y’s show last night at B.B. Kings where he brought out Stalley and Smoke DZA. Shot by David Downer.

Props: XZone

Previously: Curren$y – New Jet City (Video)

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157 Responses to “Video: Curren$y Brings Out Stalley & Smoke DZA @ B.B. Kings”

  1. b Says:

    when chea called the fbi truth picked up the phone

  2. TruthSerum Says:

    DLame…..Has Eskay responded to your question you asked him 6mos ago….??? Fucking lame ass loser nigga….Type a nigga who doesn’t have over 100 friends on FB, but ups pics of Tumblr bitches on a Rap Blog to impress MEN he’s NEVER met before…….How you feel searching thru countless tumblrs for the right pic to steal and upload so a S/N can say “way to go, kiddo”…..Where the fuck is ya father at…??? This is how ya pussy ass Pops taught you how to be a Man…..You was Arnolds friend in that Different Strokes episode where that wigger raped him in the Comic book store….You aint s;pose to speak to strangers….But YOU upping ya fam and friends for a buncha MEN to ogle……Fucking lame……I don’t up shit cuz this is a COMMENT SECTION…..Not a FORUM……fucking moron……Go to my FB and tell me if I don’t got no bitches……You just YEARNING to see what I do n how I move….I understand….I’m captivating…..entertaining….and you KNOW….the Bitches I fuck w/ are top shelf quality…..Masters Degrees, no Hoodrats…….You wanna see a pic….Keep waiting by that white comment box, Yung ASAP Yearninstein………


  3. TruthSerum Says:

    I wanna see your chicks….I wanna know what business moves your making…..I wanna see your car……I wanna just look at YOU, Justin Says:


  4. TruthSerum Says:

    Let it YEARN……..LMAO….Knicks, bitch….


  5. b Says:


    this guy signs multimillion dollar rappers and only fucks phd candidates

    ill let him tell it

  6. b Says:

    justin virgin

  7. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Go to my FB and tell me if I don’t got no bitches……You just YEARNING to see what I do n how I move
    Says the dude who has a copy of all 10k of my tweets.

  8. b Says:

    he was making fake twitters when he was sucking shellz cock too

    he been a lame

  9. b Says:

    nahright is his life

  10. Dwayne Gretsky Says:
    Scrill shit tho this man was dropping.
    Only 2 things u cant comeback from.

    Niggas on the board fitting the description

  11. Rajon Trondo Says:

    You type 1000 word comments and still can’t go toe to toe with anyone cracking jokes.. so u resort to saving pics and stalking social networks.

    Then you try to shit on someone like they’re your “fan”.. Like wtf? gotta be a cry for help..


  12. b Says:

    he was on here at 4am with the real b writing love notes

    but he signs million dollar artists and getting a-1 pussy


  13. TruthSerum Says:

    Word, aint cha Aunt accuse u of being GAY, and the last time you had a relationship w/ a woman Ed Koch was Mayor…….Am I right or off……I mean you the one in his 30s kicking key styles and hopping turnstiles………Yung Sahara Desert Dick, you a virgin not by CHOICE…….No bitch wanna fuck w/ a nigga living w/ his Moms, dawg…..LMAO……Up.Dat.Bank.Statement.


  14. b Says:

    then its

    i know ______ and ______.

    I have (insert gun brand)

    ups nothing

  15. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Truth the type of dude that Burns your house down Cuz u beat him in basketball..

    Get some help bro

  16. Charles Lee Ray Says:


    this the real b

    truth i thought we was bronx brothers

    damn sam

    well no shots but fuck you and you fucked up waves

  17. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    he got me hot

    i might rap

    i might do it

  18. TruthSerum Says:

    What fake twitters…..what milliondollar deals…..Yung Spin Cycle, if I hurt ya feelings just log off, pussy…….Up the words where I said this….I’m waiting, you lying ass CRACKER ass Peckerwood….


  19. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    40k so fuck your life
    i pay for pussy its cool aight
    you aint from the bronx so dead dat
    you was in the navy going bareback

  20. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    dojo raps i kick that ill shit
    from the gutter the shit i deal with
    i wrote this real quick
    shouts out to snoop ima real crip

  21. TruthSerum Says:

    Cracker, what shit from twitter have I used……Up it…..I aint BEEN shitting on ya faggot ass family for the last 3hrs dolo…..I aint need no outside help, pussy…..I got chu upset….You a FATHER, but you’d rather spend time w/ ME, tho……It’s Saturday and I KNOW for a FACT you aint got throw the football, play B-Ball, or do sumthing constructive w/ cha fuck ass child….Just wasted HOURS online worrying about what my next comment gonna be…..Jedi Mind Tricks………Punk ass peckerwood, go be a Father to ya child….


  22. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    40k backpage sponsorer
    you need some pussy i gotcha bruh
    concrete upbring niggasll kill ya bruh
    he claim the bronx but aint familiar

  23. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    he was scared of shellz hitting my email and i aint give you my addy
    im to him as land is to me everybody need a daddy

  24. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Keep telling on yourself.

    I said stalking .. nothing about fake accounts.

    You are really really stupid .. no wonder you so angry

  25. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    you from the hood
    i thought we could work together
    you crying gangsta tears
    but itll all get better

  26. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    i was wondering why you aint in new york
    guess troll gang gave you that work
    in the bronx you get ya shit took
    cus aint no such thing as a half way crook

  27. TruthSerum Says:

    Yung NO PROOF, your the stupid one like ya son’s IQ level, bet that cumstain in a Special Needs class…..Yung Short Yellow Bus, was the first one going DUMB, he put the Bay onto the Hyphy movement……What have I done on TWITTER, you keep mentioning TWITTER…..Have you recieved any rude tweets from ME…….Nah, right….I just been roasting ya fuck ass like the chicken you are….All FONT no extra shit……You the one stealing my Mojo, I inspire YOU…..I am sincerly flattered……Dirty ass honky muthafucka…..What type a caucasian is YOU, Nordic, Alpine, Anglo-Saxon, or ya blodline from the Mediterranean, you a swarthy looking ass wigger aint chu….????….Social Dawinism, I don’t think your top quality caucasian stock, just an inferior breed of European…..Am I correct…????


  28. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Guys! Tron called me gay!

    I’m really mad! You guys know he’s white right?
    That’s you. for 3 hours. You ain’t landed a single shot.

    Nothing you said has got me upset.. Cuz none of it’s true..

    But I make a broad statement about the gay gene and u get so homotional that you threaten my family.

    I psychologially dismantled your whole aura and your mad because you know I’m right

  29. b Says:

    he bodied

  30. b Says:

    cry yourself to sleep dummy

    the real b just 8 miled you

    tron just dr philed you up

    put the keyboard down

  31. TruthSerum Says:

    And…..You have been bombarding me w/ haymakers that have KNOCKED ME OUT……GTFOH, cracker….You made a subliminal comment w/ a thinly veiled shot at how I was commenting on your B mask….I responded as always…..You have not said nuthin’ but call me a Nigger under that B LMG mask…..No shots…..No cosigns……..Ya masks aint even riding for chu like dat………Punk ass PECKERWOOD, you dont belong in my culture, faggot….Give that MPC to a black kid in Ohio who can create epic production that will help them move their family from poverty to a better life….Cuz you just wasting all that equipment, you swarthy ass European mutt……What type of Caucasian is YOU…..Nordic, Alpine, Anglo……Speak, Puppet….I like categorizing Crackers and making them feel uncomfortable…..Cracker chu Irish, one of them Leprechaun ass fuck wiggers…..Wiggers got uprooted by the English………LMAO…..Fucking shame….


    Keep commenting at ME, ya child is the one suffering…..LMAO….Dead beat Dad ass nigga rather be on Nah, than with his faggot son…..

  32. b Says:

    all this guy is attack children

    yung pedofile

    no shame

    in the bing they give niggas like you cheshire smiles off gp

  33. Rajon Trondo Says:

    I can log off anytime and go hang with my son. .

    When u log off, u Will still be you.

    I win.

  34. b Says:

    he’s a pornhub enthusiast

    thats all he talks about

    never no bitches tho

    just pornhub and guns

    he’s a white guy from texas

  35. TruthSerum Says:

    Wigger give that beat machine to a black or latino teen and let them do what they do……Create dope production that progresses the culture…..Not them Space Cadet beats you be drumming out……How you a Hip Hop fan but dont understand the concept of DRUM PROGRAMMING……They have music classes you can take…..Type a nigga that makes a simple 2-step seem like Rocket science…..Fucking shame, dawg….


  36. Rajon Trondo Says:

    The mask ain’t me tho..

    Ts will prove it.

    So that makes everything you’ve said irrelevant..

    And everything I said is still true.

  37. TruthSerum Says:

    b…..real talk, in the bing, you face down ass up, Prag…..How you get raped in Central Booking…..??? Yung Stolen Innocence, you prolly suffer from PTSD, having traumatic nightmares of that Zach Randolph looking nigga that made you pull ya pants down to ya ankles….That man tol’ you blood on my dick or blood on my knife….and welp’ we all KNOW that story ended, Yung Tinkerbell….


  38. cashmere cavalli aka snowbunny sampson Says:

    This nigga shumpert’s high top is atrocious

    Get these bums out the playoffs and off my big screen

  39. Rajon Trondo Says:

    And hw already said it wasn’t me.

    Everyone knows who that mask is

  40. b Says:

    he gay

  41. b Says:

    nosign snitching

  42. b Says:

    you gon let that white boy psycoanalyze you like that truth?

    tron -5 vs. truth -( -4 )

  43. TruthSerum Says:

    No shots…..But who the fuck is Troubleshooter, tho….Nigga Eskay runs this site, dawg….I aint apart of ya weird ass C-Section community of losers…..You masked up before, and I honestly wholeheartedly BELIEVE that B/b mask is YOU, wigger….If it aint then stop commenting….Simple……But chu already sliiped up 2 posts ago……..Niggaz act like TS has access to everybodys info….NO he don’t, I know the limits of what info you can uncover, dawg…..Trust if I could access ya bank acct….I would….I wouldn’t take shit from YOU, tho….I’d donate 5k to ya acct….That would leave w/ 5,000.50 now…..I’m a gracious person….I only take from those who have more than enough…..You a Pov-City Struggler, dawg…..You NEED my assistance….


  44. Rajon Trondo Says:

    But if trouble shooter were to show some kinda proof that I WAS the mask, I bet u wouldn’t shut up about It like it was indisputable proof.

    That mask ain’t me. I don’t even do that mask shit. It’s BEEN an ongoing joke that masks will say shit so they appear to be one person or another..

  45. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Trust if I could access ya bank acct….I would….I wouldn’t take shit from YOU, tho….I’d donate 5k to ya acct….That would leave w/ 5,000.50 now…..I’m a gracious person….I only take from those who have more than enough…..You a Pov-City Struggler, dawg…..You NEED my assistance….
    See, that Was funny.

    Calm down a bit dude, real shit. I ain’t your enemy and this ain’t the battlefield.
    I crack some jokes. I laugh at jokes too. Even at my own expense ..

    Shit just isn’t that serious

  46. b Says:

    anyone riding for truth

    fuck em

    you seen the shit he said about a-1

    now you dapping him up asking for an autograph


    last time i ride with white people

  47. b Says:

    truth tron

    same shit in my eyes

    before you know it you gonna be sending him beats

    yall gonna be playing time travel with your son after all that foul shit he said


  48. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    no one noticed my keystyle?

    aight then……

  49. TS-LTE Says:

    No, I don’t have access to everyone’s info. I could if I wanted to though.

    And moreover, the mask isn’t Tron. It’s been a running joke starting from Herione Headliner saying it was him, when it was Charles Oakley (the first HH) the whole time.

    After that, all the other masks piggy backed off the info and ran with it. Tron had masks that he used out of comedy. One was Agent Dale Cooper that he deaded 2 years ago, and the other he only used a hand full of times. None recently.

    Now, as far as me running tracers and probing the site, I only did it when someone tried to lift my gov’t name but came up with the alter name I have some of the people here. Only a select few (ones that got donations and other sorts of things outta me) have my actual name.

    This shit is getting out of hand though, to say the least. I might run a one and pair IP’s to see whose who. These niggas getting ridiculous.

  50. TruthSerum Says:

    STFU, MASK! Oct, 31st was 7mos ago, lame nigga…..You type tuff about ME, but I challenge YOU to log off and get sum PUSSY on this Saturday night……Cuz if you think I’m gonna be spending all night clowning your social awkwardness, you bugging……Bet he can’t log off and holla at sum hoes in his phone, cuz this ALL the lil’ guy got…….You aint watching no playoff games…..You just worried about ME…….Get sum pussy, dawg…..


  51. donkey punch Says:

    hey truth what you doing tomorrow

    i know its mother’s day but i got some beats for you

    no space age shits lolol

    *playfully punches shoulder*

  52. TS-LTE Says:

    But yo,

    Whose checking out for Kanye on SNL tonight? I’m hoping for an epic melt.

  53. b Says:

    phew he doesn’t think it’s me

  54. TS-LTE Says:

    Ye needs to say something about Brandy getting “a beat to beat” or some other shit that’ll make Ray J melty.

  55. b Says:

    heroine headliner wasn’t hw!?!?!

    oh shitttt…..

    im fucked up right now


  56. TS-LTE Says:

    0 mins ago
    phew he doesn’t think it’s me



  57. TS-LTE Says:

    heroine headliner wasn’t hw!?!?!



    HW never masked up. He didn’t show up in first one I ran. He didn’t get paired to anything.

  58. b Says:

    this is a new one

    confusion ether

    truth is so fucked up right now

    got him out here fighting ghosts

    he logged of with a brain freeze

  59. das Says:

    But yo,

    Whose checking out for Kanye on SNL tonight? I’m hoping for an epic melt.


    That’s next week bruh. Vampire Weekend is/are the performers tonight.

  60. b Says:

    *daps ts*

    thanks for clearing up my credit

    just put the down payment on that challenger

    we riding clean on dis side juuuuuu heeeerrrddd!!!

  61. b Says:

    tron and ts got that time travel ip checking avenue on lock

  62. das racist Says:

    James Blake >

    This guy is kinda ill.

  63. TS-LTE Says:

    That’s next week bruh. Vampire Weekend is/are the performers tonight.


    Awe man…

    The only reason I stopped by. To see who was checking and seen the homie Tron in a tight spot (skerrrrr).

    Good time last night. Went to that Mobb concert last night and had a fucking ball. Them niggas didn’t have that synergy at first. Then they smoked and put on a fucking SHOW!

    One of the best sinister concerts I been to in a long while.

  64. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Whattup das

  65. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    no one peeped the worldplay?

    no one? kay fuck yall then

  66. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Damn I thought ye was on snl tonight too..

    Kristen whig is dope tho.. she’s hosting I think

  67. b Says:

    kanye was gonna be today but his head still hurt

  68. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Cosign mobb deep live.. Caught em with rae a year or two ago..

    Ghostface with adrian young’s band tho was a helluva show.. The theatrics were a bit over the top But still a great show.. u catch them in Chicago ts?

  69. das racist Says:

    Whattup das



    Everything cool over here.

    What’s good with you? When that Candy Cigs droppin?

  70. TS-LTE Says:

    Seen Esperanza Spaulding a couple months back. When you guys are ready to get that grown man steez one and impress a woman.

    Cop some tickets to the Opera House and see some swagged out, new age Jazz. And she’s hella pretty for a small framed woman. Graduated from Berkley at 19 and taught music theory there. She’s a savant and real easy on the eyes.

    My lady enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Just a good environment man. Top notch blacks everywhere with the musical whose who there too.

    So good.

  71. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Dropping June 4th ..

    No act II

  72. das racist Says:

    Besides the beef with Truthserum.

  73. das racist Says:

    Anybody here fuck with Flying Lotus?

  74. TS-LTE Says:

    Cosign mobb deep live.. Caught em with rae a year or two ago..

    Ghostface with adrian young’s band tho was a helluva show.. The theatrics were a bit over the top But still a great show.. u catch them in Chicago ts?



    I miss so much now because I travel a lot now. I was in fucking Omaha when they were here. I already got that CL Smooth concert bookmarked though. I missed NaS because I was in Seoul back in February. Couldn’t be that mad though.

  75. das racist Says:

    No rappers ever come to Trinidad.

    *Sad face*

  76. TS-LTE Says:

    Last time I seen Ghost was in August at the Shrine. I missed 2 Ghost concerts this year.

    I’m slippin bro.

  77. ***biggumskiller*** Says:


  78. TS-LTE Says:

    You in Trinidad Das?!

    Man, fuck a rapper! You got some of the baddest in world at you service!!!

    Envy runnin so deep right now.

  79. A-1 Says:

    What up TS..? What’s good my brotha..?

  80. Rajon Trondo Says:

    He was supposed to be at the show with rae and mobb but he didn’t show, so he really showed a lot of love. Killa priest was there too.. shit was dope

  81. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Flying Lotus
    Yap das that nigga beats be slapping

  82. TS-LTE Says:

    And for the masks saying that I can’t script write, lol.

    I’m gonna up a pic of my computer with my NASA passes on it when I worked on a project to do coding.

    Bragging goes nowhere, but I’m pretty legit in my field. That’s why I’m where I’m at 28.

  83. das racist Says:

    You in Trinidad Das?!



    But it would be cool if one popular nigga would come perform. (II)

  84. A-1 Says:

    Yeah Trini bitches>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Shouts 2 Tomeka in H-Town smh Pussy & head SO GOOD I moved dat bitch in lol smh RealTalk doe

    Trinidian Food>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  85. Jackson7 Says:

    Pacers too big and strong

    they gonna give the Heats trouble too



  86. TruthSerum Says:

    b, guess you aint got NO BITCHES lined up tonight, huh…..You aint wanna accept that challenge to LOG OFF n get yaself LAID, Nah, right……Pussy is wack, commenting on Nah….10:30pm east coast time is what real niggaz do, right…? Fucking lame ass nigga…..How you allergic to getting pussy, dawg……It’s like 70 degrees out there, you can do 1000 push ups, but it’s Rocket Science trying to push up on dat 1 BITCH, huh…..Will she say Yes…..Will she even acknowledge me….Aww fuck it, I’ll let her go, Pornhub n baby oil is all YOU need…….You aint got no whip, so going to the club is outta the question…..You can’t bag you a hood booger, lil hood broad with a fat ass and i-ight looking face….for sum sloppy top….Nah, right…..Welp’ guess I won, then…….Yung Sahara Desert Dick, would rather remain sexually frustrated and aggy than socializing w/ other HUMAN BEINGS, preferably those of the opposite sex………I challenge you to log off and say hello to a WOMAN, you gotta up dat vid too, or it didnt happen……Punk ass no pussy getting nigga…….Kick another keystyle, dawg…..I gotta bitch coming thru, lemme show her how pathetic sum niggaz be on Saturday nights….You wanna see what she look like right…..You want me to up a pic, huh….???? Keep Yearning, that’s why I’m winning…..YOU wanna see what I do, not the otherway around……How ya cell got no bitches phone numbers except ya Moms in it…..LMAO……..Do you want me to get you laid, I’ll hit up one of my ol’ chicks from back in the day….They’ll service you for a price……..Do you need help w/ getting sum PUSSY….??? No shots, real honest question…..


  87. TS-LTE Says:

    *Daps A-1*

    Whattup King? I’ve been scanning the archives and saving all your freestyles man. I really wanna help out with an official project. At your discretion, of course. Just for the culture.

    Other than that, what really good man, lol. Haven’t built with you in a minute.

  88. das racist Says:

    Not Trinidad James or Nicki Minaj, gimme a Nas or Raekwon hell I’d even settle for Gucci or Waka.

    Smh smh smh.

  89. das racist Says:

    Yap das that nigga beats be slapping



    *Illegally downloads*

  90. Jackson7 Says:

    bottom line

    couple niggas is weirdos forreal

    the mask shit is beyond retarded

    at what point does a nigga grow up?

  91. b Says:

    up or bitch or a gat

    or just stfu and log off


  92. TS-LTE Says:

    Not Trinidad James or Nicki Minaj, gimme a Nas or Raekwon hell I’d even settle for Gucci or Waka.



    I see. I’d be aggy too if I couldn’t see an artist I respected.

    Seen NaS more times than I can remember.. And for that matter, as a youngin, I used to save and go to every Alicia Keys concert she has in the chi, from the time I was 14, until I was 20.

  93. b Says:

    got a bitch coming through later = gotta a old sailor friend to dome up

  94. TS-LTE Says:

    Rajon Trondo
    7 mins ago
    He was supposed to be at the show with rae and mobb but he didn’t show, so he really showed a lot of love. Killa priest was there too.. shit was dope



    A lot of K.P. shit goes. Haven’t seen him yet. I want to though.

  95. b Says:

    he gay

    end of story

    go dome up that straight cock

  96. TruthSerum Says:

    Sexually Frustrated Says:

    Grrrrrgggghhh…..(Violently masturbates to WSHH honey vids)…..Aaaaaaarrrrggghhhh……I’m ANGRY, dawg…..


  97. b Says:


  98. b Says:

    what i say

    he’s telling it himself

  99. TruthSerum Says:

    Mr. b: No, just because it was a trannie DOES NOT MEAN THAT I AM GAY Says:

    …..How much for sum head……(Male Voice) 40, dawg……(Mr. b) Okay get on my skateboard, there’s a spot around back…..


  100. Jackson7 Says:

    rihanna = poison

    ask matt kemp, chris brown and jrsmith

    niggas fall off from hangin round her

    slump inducing coochie

  101. A-1 Says:


    Nothn much jus out & about round da city..jus touched down on da northside bout 2 cool wit a couple ogs 4 a min..den prob hook up wit my young thang lata ya kno reg shit lol

    And far as da music go I’m workn cuhz I’m buildn wit a couple SN’s off line as well as REAL connects in REAL time not 2 b discussed in here lol but shitt bruh hit me email when u get a min lets chop it up



  102. TruthSerum Says:

    Elton John Says:

    …..Bitches….is sumthing I don’t like…..


  103. b Says:

    when he’s not telling weird ass jokes he’s managing multimillion dollar asian rappers and phd candidates with third nipples

    he’ll tell it

  104. TS-LTE Says:

    rihanna = poison

    ask matt kemp, chris brown and jrsmith

    niggas fall off from hangin round her

    slump inducing coochie


    I bet it’s some of the best shit ever though.

    I’d roll the dice.

  105. b Says:

    i won’t spend my saturday night with you as I spend my staurday night with you says:

  106. b Says:

    he sposed to be from the bronx but ain’t watching the knicks says:

  107. TruthSerum Says:

    Saturday Night Fever Says:

    …..Damn, it’s 11pm and my phone aint ring NOT once…….Fuck it……opens browser to Pornhub and Tube8…….YES……The promise land……


  108. b Says:

    i know all the pornsites but i swear i got a bitch coming over later says:

  109. b Says:

    i manage mathhew ragazzino says:

  110. das racist Says:

    I guess, you gotta applaud the persistence of these niggas.


  111. TS-LTE Says:

    Wordlife A-1. I can do that.

    Same here man. Flew back in Thursday night and lived it up last night. Taking a breather tonight. Chillin with Mrs. LTE, about to hit up some wired ass sushi spot she found.

    Posted up here until she finish getting ready (or get off the fucking phone) lol.

  112. b Says:

    i got the marcus canny look on my face right now says:

  113. TruthSerum Says:

    Nah, bro….Knicks game is on the Flatscreen, lame nigga…..YOU the one who aint watching no sports or NO BITCHES prepare a dope ass meal for YOU to enjoy…..Nobody LOVES you, dawg…….Commit dat, nobody will call 911 when they hear that gunshot to ya dome go off….Niggaz’ll just rob you of all your belongings…..That’s all…..


  114. Jackson7 Says:

    he sposed to be from the bronx but ain’t watching the knicks says



  115. b Says:


  116. TruthSerum Says:

    Lmao…..Knicks are looking like the Knicks….smh……Yo, b, my offer still stands….sounds like you need help getting sum pussy…..I can help you meet a nice lady for a price of course….What’s good w/ it, lame nigga…..????


  117. b Says:

    flatscreen, challenger

    my bad you made it my g

  118. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Lol at the knicks.

    Be clear! Nobody believed the hype.

  119. b Says:

    don’t you understand that sounds like the beginning of a bad joke

    a navy sailor offers you some nice girls for a price……

  120. TruthSerum Says:

    You need to return back to school and finish that 9th grade education off, boy…..You typing uneducated and looking foolish, Yung No Bitches…….Ya new name is BitchLESS B………LMAO….hahahahahahaha….Yo my homegirl dying, dawg…..Hahahahaha, what type of fuck nigga can’t get himself laid on a Saturday night…..YOU that’s who…….lol….Fucking lame nigga….


  121. b Says:

    he got mad at tron for being white but he managing asian and indian rappers

    ask him he won’t prove other wise

    Just like the bitches, guns discharge papers

    he came up with his rappers name by throwing a pan down the stairs

    tin kon ping

  122. Jackson7 Says:

    Dwayne Gretsky

    Be clear! Nobody believed the hype.


    i did

    i thought theyd play the heats in the eastern finals

    had no idea the Pacers would push the knicks around like this…

    theyre WAY better with soft Danny Granger hurt

  123. TS-LTE Says:

    Real Talk, I used to real good at approaching women. Not sure these days. I’ve been domesticated for too damn long, lol.

    I gave up certain things to have certain things. Plates always on the table. Clothes be clean, curtains and shit be changing and shit. And I don’t do a thing.

    I be like, “goddamn babe, WTF happened to the brown curtains?!” And she like, “it’s spring boo. Time to put some colorful shit up” and I be like, “oh shit”.

    Lol. The good life.

  124. b Says:

    says the guy who supposedly has live pussy but rather type at a letter

    keep telling it

  125. TruthSerum Says:

    See….Look at chu….Preoccupied w/ what I OWN……That’s why chu in the situation you in…..When you log off YOU gotta face dat harsh reality of it being midnight and you laying in a lonely bed by YOURSELF…….Me, I’m chilling laughing at YOUR expense….Bout to roll another swisher….Just cause…..Waiting on this broad to finish cooking my steak and I’m content, lame nigga……Now I understand why you dont wanna log off…..RealLifeHurtsBitch!!!!!


    Damn, you an amusing nigga, boy…..Thanx for the entertainment lame nigga….Please do continue….

  126. Jackson7 Says:

    tin kon ping

  127. Jackson7 Says:

    tin kon ping



    b-mask in rare form

  128. b Says:

    ya home girl got an adam’s apple and james earl cadence

    stop lying to the people

  129. TruthSerum Says:

    log off dawg….You aint as witty and humerous as me….Now you treading on cornball waters…..Just typing nonsense and hitting submit……..You can always log off and get laid….Is speaking to a women that hard for you to do, dawg…….????


  130. b Says:

    if your homegirl finds it so funny

    up dat bitch

    flatscreen and challenger but no digital camera

    quit the games

    tell larry to stop showing his pearly whites and roll the damn weed up

  131. TS-LTE Says:

    Yo Truth,

    Do they sell marijuana oil in Cali. I stopped smoking cigs and got this e- jawn that take nicotine oil with flavors and shit added to em.

    You should know what I’m talking about, since you frequent the weed joints. I was looking to see if the droplets came with THC.

  132. b Says:

    you the nigga who always got a bad bitch….that stay outta state

    or the nice whip….back in georgia at ya moms house

    we all know the type that’s him

    yung ain’t neva upped non

  133. TS-LTE Says:

    b-mask in rare form


    Can’t lie. It’s true.

  134. TruthSerum Says:

    What I tell ya…..Yung YEARNALICIOUS…..Why my bitch on your MIND…..I’m s’posed to be sum lame nigga like YOU….But you eager to see how my Saturday night is going…..LMAO….I said this exact shit like 4-5 comments ago….I muthafucking predict these bitchnigga ways……..I’m squeezing her soft ass too, you lonely ass pussyless pussy……..You wanna see….?????


  135. b Says:

    no guns, no bitches, no discharge papers

    you ain’t got not numbers on the board

    you looking like derrick rose outchea pimp

    you scared of a little scrutiny

    ya bitch got excema

    why you laid up with greg ogden talking tough

  136. TruthSerum Says:

    Oh I own a Canon T3i, bro and Nikon Coolpixx digital cam…..You wanna see….??????


  137. b Says:

    you either got a nigga witchu or an ugly bitch

    you up your home address and every time you pick up a gram from the store but can’t up your chick

    she got a weight problem

    you smashing delores?

    just say yea pimp im smashing a fat bitch we all been there

  138. TruthSerum Says:

    What YOU laid up with Mr. b……????? It’s 8:08pm west coast time…..But it’s 11:08 East Coast time….You losing sleep over ME…….I guess you my other BITCH, huh….????


  139. A-1 Says:

    @ TS

    I hear ya da damn thang homie..I’m finna crank my wknd doe..b ez & holla @ ya cuhz

  140. TruthSerum Says:

    YEARN harder, dawg……YEARN harder…..You enamored w/ MY LIFE…..not the other way around… long as YOU understand this…..11:10pm east coast time….Justin’s bitch on b’s birdbrain…..LMAO……Get Mad, pussy…


  141. b Says:

    dlame got you bro

    i mean if she’s ugly or fat

    just up her

    we’ll certify your preference

    just cover that disgusting ogres disgrace of a face with her tarred off extensions and have her pop out ash colored titty just one so we know for sure

    if not log off

  142. A-1 Says:

    Peace 2 all

    J7 I c ya cuhz..can’t wait 2 hear what ya got craccn wit Tron Doe lol

    Y’all niggas b safe out chere..shit real in dese streets RealTalk


  143. TruthSerum Says:



  144. TruthSerum Says:



  145. TruthSerum Says:



  146. TruthSerum Says:



  147. TruthSerum Says:



  148. b Says:

    your bitch got pock marks

    her face is a disaster site

    you trying to convince yourself you love her

    you got a icebox where your heart used to be

    you niggas disgust me

    hyping up these challengers and 5 rated bitches like you doing something

  149. TruthSerum Says:



  150. TruthSerum Says:



  151. b Says:

    im sooooo colld im soooo collddd im soooo collddd

  152. TruthSerum Says:



  153. TruthSerum Says:



  154. TruthSerum Says:

    Think……Lame nigga…..


  155. TruthSerum Says:

    Where’s yo bitch at, BitchLESS b…..??????


  156. b Says:

    ya bitch got broad shoulders and a mean post game

  157. b Says:

    ya bitch need an extra large jock strap keep it tall

    that ain’t a clitoris b

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