Video: Tour Life w/ Pusha T (Ep. 1)

Mass Appeal accompanied Push on the Life Is So Exciting Tour, here’s the first installment of their chronicle.

Previously: Pusha T Hears Final Mix of “Numbers On The Boards” For the First Time | Pusha T – Numbers On The Boards (Video)

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29 Responses to “Video: Tour Life w/ Pusha T (Ep. 1)”

  1. General Glamour Says:

    pusha >>>

    that vid of him reacting to numbers on the board was a lil over the top tho

    nigga you 36

  2. Harlem World Says:

    General Glamour Says:
    May 10th, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    i was thinking if someone was under pressure from ether

    he could drop mad porn links and pornstar names

    it would throw off the mob

    the entire sea would jump on the porn like rabid dogs

    fucking deviants



    cp got art of war strategies for ether

    cluster b0mbs of pr0n links smh

  3. General Glamour Says:

    chief keef cameo in numbers on the board >>>

    dread shaking in all black


    kinda crazy he’s twenty years younger than pusha and yeezy tho

    that’s like hanging out with arial castro two times

  4. A-1 Says:

    Pusha T>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Top5doa No Lp

  5. A-1 Says:

    General Glamour
    11 mins ago
    pusha >>>

    that vid of him reacting to numbers on the board was a lil over the top tho

    nigga you 36
    Chill my nig..Push can do no wrong smh


    I feel u doe smh

  6. General Glamour Says:

    this guy arial was playing in a band, working as a school driver, going about daily life

    while 3 bitches were locked up in his basement 2 WHITE BITCHES TOO


    he even went to the chicks vigils and helped pass out flyers

    the gall

  7. General Glamour Says:

    this guy had two white bitches locked up

    brought em mcdonalds every day

    here’s ya mcdouble

    chew slowly bitch

  8. General Glamour Says:

    3 humans


    he goes out to his mailbox

    and charles ramsay says the mailman got their mail messed up


    this guy man lmao

  9. A-1 Says:

    “Trappn..dat white girl out my basement like…….”

    *jots down*


  10. Hugh hef Says:

    Charles Ramsey is a such a coon

    White people interview him to set us back and laugh on some “I told u so” steez

    McDonald’s and BBQ ribs?

  11. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Second was a little better
    Just getting started
    I’ll do something even better when i recharge this iPad
    Them apps burn your battery like whoa
    So slow it down is the consensus aigt

    Mike Epps as Charles Ramsey>>>>>
    Milk out the nostrils funny

  12. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Yo y’all may not know this, but most people in ohio have at least one hostage in their basement, attic..

    Its really common here..

    Look it up

  13. b Says:

    CP is a legend uoeno

  14. A-1 Says:

    Smh lol white people<

  15. A-1 Says:

    Yeah Killa I’m lookn 4ward 2 dat..RealTalk

  16. b Says:

    Gob Bluth is gay uoeno

  17. A-1 Says:

    Lookn @ Naughty by Nature on da breakfast club..I remember when I met dem niggas @ a club here..dem niggas short as hell lol even Treach..Treach was go’n hard(none) @ dis chicc I was pipn @ da time..she was a SUPA rapper groupie so he was closer than he thought 2 baggn her but ain’t nothn pop off..she end up “datn” Attitude(Timbaland flunkie from Brighton Al) 4 a couple years lol shout 2 our Lil Bea..ASS WAS CRAZY! Smh lol

  18. b Says:

    My bad yall i be trippin cuz this bitch on backpage wont answer her phone

  19. A-1 Says:

    Coke Wave 1 & 2>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    “Dat more compatible music….”

  20. A-1 Says:

    Harry Fraud>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    Right behind da Neptunes in terms of producers I wanna work wit..Toomp as well..The Runners..Just Blaze..few more

  21. b Says:

    Free J wife on pornhub under interracial bbc hedonteenkno

  22. A-1 Says:

    Cigarette Boats>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    80’s D-Boy Get Money Music>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  23. b Says:

    My bad yall i be trippin cuz i aint had a girlfriend since busta was in leaders of the new school

  24. b lmg Says:

    My bad yall i be trippin cuz i aint had a girlfriend since The Tunnel was open

  25. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    Troll Gang

  26. AR-Clip Says:

    She called me and said I’m pregnant, but don’t worry you’re not the father. Lmao

  27. Charles Lee Ray Says:

    Aight ….niggas it’s so cool right…aight I’ma fix this….Nah Right going national.We gonna level the playing fields and I’ma call in some favors…Tired of playing with you fuck niggas and your behind the scenes “we” routine….Shutter Island my ass I ain’t crazy …. it’s sad you niggas have to resort to multiple screen name usage to cosign each other just to ether me.I’m talking sending out Skype invites or Ustream recording myself commenting and these WEAK ASS comments and their “co-signers” backing them up like “Mr Cool”….shit is weak.Nigga trippin’ off a comma …but there’s far worse things being done behind the scenes of of this blog. I got yall litte gay niggas though….bout to put all this faggotry check.

  28. b Says:

    Casket Face1 mo agoI swear on everything I love in this world ( which isn’t much) that this is my last comment on Nah Right, I just can’t fuck with this site no more, tried to keep it real but it’s clear I’m cut from a different cloth. I just don’t beat real niggas down when they’re obviously hurtin’ that’s not what I’m about.Time to make some life improvements, maybe next time cats see me it will be in a magazine or on T.V. who knows.Be easy…- Casket Face 2008-2013

  29. B Says:

    Charles Ramsey starring in the “Niggotiator” summer 2013

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