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Video: Trae Tha Truth – Sick of This Shit

Trae drops a visual for the R.Kelly sampling “Sick of This Shit” off The Blackprint mixtape.

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11 Responses to “Video: Trae Tha Truth – Sick of This Shit”

  1. The Architek Says:

    kev and cold are just moving their queens around the board at this point

  2. Free J Says:

    Full house>>>>> family matters

    Get maaaaaaad. U can’t do shit about it haaaaaa haaaaaa

  3. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    ahh, so let me get this straight… you ok with devulging only blissful aspects of ya life with SN’S… but when it comes to issues of the heart and mind you fall back?

    ^ wtf is blissful about typing of hoes, going to shows, meeting rap folks & cool shit i’ve done & own? thas what niggas do. at least in my circle of niggas thas whas discussed. we ain sharing personal trials & tribulations on the block. smh.

    you can understand by appearances this is someone who is not content with himself as a man, and tries to give this semblance of something lofty, cause well… his esteem has been damaged. Not saying this is you.. just saying.

    ^ thas good cause thas not me. i jus play my spots in here & thas all that should matter to an outsider. you wanna delve deeper be prepared to get that push back offense that causes one to plea for an end to it. as you did.

  4. 911 Says:

    Daps arch, that’s a dope analogy.

  5. b LMG Says:

    free j we gon run a train on ya bitch
    send her home to ya white ass with a smile and nut on her face

  6. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    kev and cold are just moving their queens around the board at this point

    ^emtertaimimg tho

  7. S.I.K.H Says:

    yeah those “go to”cards are deadly.every time I see the opening line”I`ve been tripping y`all” I laugh my ass off.No defense at all for that.Thank god nobody got paragraphs of self ether they can mash my face in at will.


  8. Free J Says:

    Ur. Non threatening lol unmask urself if u gully…

  9. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    Gil Scott Heron- Pieces of a Man>>>>>>

    THat album>>>>>>

  10. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    ha! picture that. You know I got a go to card righ? anytime you feeling froggy leap and I’ll smack you wit it, mid spring.

    > lolololo!

    nigga if you got a card best believe i got a full deck of that shit gambit be throwing at sentinels.


  11. Dwayne Gretsky Says:

    The title track.
    I literally witnessed that!!!
    Less than a yr later my pops was gone and I was in YA.

    Real shit

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